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18 reviews for White Yogurt Maker – Cuisinart

  1. Cupcake,

    Easy to use – Much better than using cheesecloth. Large capacity is an additional benefit. I make 1/2 gallon of yogurt at a time and this makes it a breeze to transform it into Greek yogurt.

  2. Hol24

    I first attempted to make yogurt in my instant pot and failed horribly twice. This machine is excellent at making yogurt.

  3. Duan,

    DASH Greek Yougurt Maker – Wow. I followed the directions. Used whole milk and FAGE Greek Yogurt as a starter. Strained for only 45 minutes and put in frig.

  4. Jimco

    My wife and me have had our Cuisinart CYM-100 for over a month now and we have seriously enjoyed the best yogurt of our lives. We both love Greek yogurt but truly did not know what great yogurt.

  5. Mags2

    I’ve made yogurt 5 times already and love this yogurt maker! I can stir up the mixnot heatingset it and forget it. The only thing that wasn’t clear before I got it is the need to have.

  6. Carlitos

    This is so easy to use. Just add milk and your starter yogurt, push the button and go. This makes the yogurt and also cools it. You then can remove the insert and put it in the fridge.

  7. Mac07

    I bought this yogurt maker a month ago to replace an older, low tech yogurt maker. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  8. Abuela

    Amazing! We now have fresh organic yogurt all the time! The self cooling cycle is a life saver. Put it all in and go.

  9. Matthevia

    I have been using this yogurt making for a month. The recipe that works the best for me is the one that comes in the Cuisinart Recipe Booklet on pg 2 “Plain Yogurt Variation #1.

  10. Alice M

    I bought this when our local recycling center quit taking #5 plastic tubs. I now make yogurt weekly in this yogurt maker.

  11. KampTownGal,

    Yogurt is affordable – This worked perfectly.

  12. GGMA71

    I’ve used this since purchased and love it. Easy as come be and consistenly turns out yogart the way I like it.

  13. rn1234,

    Makes yogurt straining easy – I read the reviews and purchased the product. Works well-easy to use, holds 1/2 gallon, self contained with the cover and clean up is a cinch. Beats strainer, coffee filters and the mess.

  14. Dick,

    Yogurt maker – My first batch turned out perfectly.follow the instructions and you will enjoy the result.

  15. LaVerne,

    Greek yogurt maker – I wish I would have gotten one sooner I had been using cheesecloth and it was so messy.

  16. Vampy65,

    Suits my needs – It strains yogurt well in my fridge. I let my homemade yogurt strain at least 12 hours to make Greek yogurt. The whey is very clear so it doesn’t waste my yogurt.

  17. Anonymous

  18. Mvarnado,

    Makes great yogurt and Greek yogurt – The product actually makes yogurt and Greek yogurt. Make it as directed and you’ll get about 5 cups of yogurt, if you strain the yogurt ( it comes with a strainer) for over 2 hour in the refrigerat.

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Dash DGY001WBU Dash Greek Yogurt Maker, White/Blue It's so Easy Brand NewMake up to 2 quarts of Greek yogurt at a timeIncludes 2 BPA free buckets (1.5 quart per bucket with lid) and Greek strainerLCD display with custo.

  • Built-in cooling system automatically shifts to the perfect chilling temperature at end of fermentation cycle
  • 50-oz yogurt container allows you to make more than six 8-oz servings of yogurt at once
  • Stainless-steel styling is elegant enough to leave on your counter for everyday use.
Product AttributeDetails
Colorfinish FamilyWhite
Manufacturer ColorfinishWhite
TypeYogurt maker
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