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30 reviews for Whirlpool Wdt720padm

  1. Aroppes

    My first pump motor failed within 10 months of ownership. The unit was still under warranty but still had to go through the inconvenience of downtime.

  2. Bellasf

    Didn’t give a 5 star review because the silverware basket when placed in the bottom tray, doesn’t lock to the tray, it just seats there, making it very easy to bump and fall.We like everything.

  3. Sarah

    We bought this dishwasher the end of May. It is now the beginning of October. At first the machine worked well. I was about to give it 5 stars. Three days ago it stopped draining.

  4. Maria624

    This dishwasher never dried my dishes ever. I was told reason is because its not a stainless steel tub. Also im shicked by the reviews stating its quiet. Its so very loud.

  5. Disappointed

    At the 6-month point of light (twice-weekly) use, one of the plastic bumpers on the upper rack has fallen off and cannot be reattached. Two of the vertical cross bars on the lower rack have.

  6. Anonymous

    We bought this dishwasher in December and has never worked properly. Dishes are soaked after every cycle even with a recommended rinse aid. Tried different wash and dry settings with no luck.

  7. Mamabear

    We bought this to replace our existing 12 year old dishwasher that came with our house. I am not impressed. It’s hard to tell if the door is fully closed.

  8. aka05

    I purchased this dishwasher in May and it was delivered and installed in June. So far I’ve had nothing but issues with it and am unable to get a quick and easy resolution.

  9. Miamia

    When I first bought it, the motor broke and the door got rust. It was under the one year warranty so both the motor and door got replaced.

  10. MGJK

    I’ve purchased two of these dishwashers, one for home and another at my workplace. Both are used less than once a day and are well taken care of (filter cleaned, rinse aid, quaility detergent.

  11. Lizard1234

    This model was installed during the renovations before we bought the house so it is approximately two to three years old. The normal cycle time is 3.

  12. Anonymous

    We purchased a new Whirlpool stainless steel dishwasher to upgrade the 15-year old white Whirlpool dishwasher (which incidentally ran perfectly for 15 years) and we love the quietness of this.

  13. Life and times

    This dishwasher was in our new home (max 2 years old) and the motor has stopped working. No longer under warranty 🙁 costs the same to replace the motor as to buy a new machine.

  14. jimmyf

    Have tried several different dishwasher detergent tabs with no noted differences. Drying cycle does not dry. Plates usually come out OK, but it does not get even top rack coffee cups clean.

  15. Anonymous

    I love my new dishwasher. I have had several over the past 15 years and this one cleans better and holds more dishes by far. It is silent running, a faint water spraying is all you can hear.

  16. Victorianlady853

    I purchased this dishwasher on Nov. 30, 2012 and loved it. It left my dishes and glassware sparkling clean.

  17. Jasper27

    I love this dishwasher and the delay feature and placement of silverware holder so that it doesn’t take my rack room. [This review was collected as part of a promotion.

  18. Anonymous

    This dishwasher is so universally easy to load and put things in of all shapes and sizes. My silverware gets clean in the door pockets for it and dishes top and bottom can get in there perfectly.

  19. Anonymous

  20. Pass whirlpool

    It doesn’t clean, the door that’s on the front and you can’t clean it. The fridge is even worse! Horrible products!! ✘ No, I do not recommend this product. Originally posted on whirlpool.

  21. Jeremy Engineer

    I bought this almost 3 months ago and the unit cleans well and is quiet. The plastic tabs that hold the top adjust system broke right at the sharp corners of the plastic, engineers should have.

  22. RonB

    After comparing 5 or 6 different models at Lowes, Sears, BestBuy and Home depot. I found this one to be the best value for the price.

  23. RGII

    For the most part, we have had good experiences with Whirlpool products Unfortunately, we couldn’t say the same about this dishwasher. After barely a couple of years of service, the machine.

  24. Leitha Mae

    Love the handle on the door match the handle on my new double oven by whirlpool just install two hour ago.The handle keep off fingerprints. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  25. Ed96706

    I bought this dishwasher 3 years ago. Sadly the front door panel is now rusting which is a bit unexpected as I own multiple SS appliances and none look like that.

  26. Pdecatur

    Purchased to replace a 10 year old Frigidare contractor grade unit that started leaking on my hardwood floors. I read many reviews to make sure I knew what to expect.

  27. Nated

    My wife and I had been holding off on buying a dishwasher for over a year. Buying this dishwasher made us question our decision to wait! Installation was a breeze for a first timer / novice.

  28. Murray

    Got this at Lowes last week. Easily hooked it up, loaded some dishes and got it going. Starts off reasonably quiet and then shifts to loud mode.

  29. Lkbaysi

    Cleans great and holds several days of dishes Love it [This review was collected as part of a promotion.] ✔ Yes, I recommend this product. Originally posted on whirlpool.

  30. FW22

    Motor failure in 4 years, not worth fixing the piece of junk. Some customers still look for quality, so I will replace with another brand, Whirlpool.

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