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54 reviews for The Tea Maker™ – Mr. Coffee

  1. ladybug,

    excellent tea maker for style color andsize! – this is my second mr coffee tea maker ! when my other one finally wore out from age I went shopping for the same make and model! nothing else would have made me happy !I found it in blue but.

  2. Anonymous

    I want to give this 5 but just can t. If it had the option to alter time for each tea, then yeah. Temps are perfect, times are not. Each tea is unique and that s where this product lacks.

  3. Anonymous

    what an amazing device. I had contemplated buying this for some time, I was not really sure about how convenient, how much better the tea would be brewed at the proper temperature, easier it.

  4. Chloedog4,

    I love my new ice tea maker, it’s awesome!!! I like the square pitcher.

  5. michelev40,

    Works Great! – This is a slim, easy-to-use tea maker that is very inexpensive. The quality is what is expected from Mr. Coffee.

  6. Anonymous

    While I love the thought behind this tea maker and it works well getting the tea to the right temperature and keeping it warm, it makes the tea taste change to a metalic taste of the filter.

  7. Anonymous

    I liked it quite a bit, but has already stopped working. Still heats the water, does not circulate any more.

  8. Valcron,

    Quick & Easy – FOLLOW the directions and you will be fine. You just have to experiment with the settings and the tea that you use to get tea that suits you.

  9. Anonymous

    I have been making tea for years in 2 cup tea makers, strainers, pots, the list goes on and on. I have tried everything and I’ve been happy with my cups of tea to some extent.

  10. Anonymous

    So nice to have tea at the touch of a button and steeped right!.

  11. Anonymous

    We used to love this tea maker, but it has since broken, not even in a year since we have bought it. This is now once again that it happened, and its very upsetting as we had loved this and.

  12. Anonymous

    I love the ease of this machine it’s truly awesome, however I have it 4 stars because if you live at a higher elevation two of the higher temp buttons don’t work. I just put my tea in an use.

  13. grapeape67,

    Great stuff – I got this and use it all the time. I really loved how it works and make cold coffee or tea. My family likes it too as it gets used a lot . Makes ice tea in a few minutes and ice coffee too.

  14. Anonymous

    My first tea maker had to be replaced. Customer Service was awesome. Above and Beyond. My only gripe is the fact that the tea maker goes on sale for 20 dollars less than what I paid😡.

  15. jammingrammy,

    Great Tea Maker – We drink a lot of tea. I love the convenience of the Mr Coffee Ice Tea Maker. I don’t always use the glass tea pitcher that it came with.

  16. Avlar,

    This iced tea maker is perfect in every way ! – I love this iced tea maker! I have been using a Mr. Coffee ‘The Iced Tea Pot’ that I have had for about 20 years (and it still works great).

  17. Debdoobers,

    five stars for this tea maker! – This is the second one I have bought. The first one still works but I broke the carafe to it after 5 years.

  18. Anonymous

    This is an amazing brewer. Perfect tea every time, I love that it keeps your tea warm but doesn’t keep steeping!.

  19. Anonymous

    We use this tea maker every day, if not twice a day. Easy to use and clean. Very happy with this purchase.

  20. Anonymous

    first attempt to use boiled water did not circulate for herbal tea, just turned off; did work under black tea setting. Second attempt to use did not circulate under herbal or black tea.

  21. Anonymous

    LOVE my teamaker, I wish it was easier to tell when it was finally done, but I can pretty well do that by intuition. Makes teamaking quicker, getting you on your day faster and with your favorite tea.

  22. OneCarolinagirl,

    Disappointed it didn’t last long – I bought this two and a half months ago I just started using it a few weeks ago. If you fill it past the clear section it leaks water everywhere.

  23. Anonymous

    Love the ease of use. Perfect tea ever time. Only issue is the inner lip of the pot does not allow all the goodness of tea to come out. Maybe that will be corrected in future production.

  24. Anonymous

    Easy to use, easy to clean and fits on my desk at work perfectly! It makes a perfect pot of tea.

  25. Kelli,

    Save your money – Not happy with this iced tea maker. I had an older model that is so much better. Every time I have made iced tea, it has leaked on my counter.

  26. sandygg,

    love it – This is my second iced tea maker. The other one I took apart to clean and apparently I didn’t get it back to together correctly because it started leaking.

  27. Anonymous

    Making tea is a breeze. Turns out perfect ever time. Set and forget itreally.

  28. Deb Law,

    Makes great tea – I have had a Mr. Coffee tea maker for years and finally it was starting to fail. I looked all over for another one no luck so I went on line and low and behold I found my favorite tea maker.

  29. Mamaw,

    Great little tea maker – This little tea maker is the best.I absolutely love it it’s so easy.It takes 2 family size tea bags, or 8 regular to make the perfect tea. It’s just me and 2quarts is the perfect size..

  30. Laura61,

    What was wrong with the original model? – First off, this is my third Mr Coffee Tea Maker. My first two are still working but my son lost the pitcher to the first one at college and the second has a crack and leak.

  31. ToledoRocket,

    Love this ice tea maker – I used my last Mr. Coffee ice makers until they died. This one is my favorite with the glass pitcher. I can put it on my table and its not all coffee stained as my old plastic pitchers were.

  32. Gretel,

    Big disappointment – Worked well for 6 weeks then started retaining water. I have never over filled the pitcher with water. After 6 weeks it started retaining water.

  33. Anonymous

    I have drank tea all my life,never thought I would find a tea maker that is so easy to use. Love it!.

  34. Anonymous

    This is the first electric teapot I have ever bought. I love it! It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out if I have the water at the right temperature. I am very pleased.

  35. rockymtnbelle,

    Love it! – I debated for months whether to buy this, based on mixed reviews regarding the quality of the carafe (easily broken/cracked), the unit leaking, etc. I’ve had it over a month now and have made.

  36. Robin,

    I Love This! (Read My Helpful Info.) – I LOVE my new Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker! I wish I would have bought one/gotten with the times sooner.

  37. Anonymous

    This is seriously an amazing kettle. Two little things annoy me: 1) the water level labels are only on one side, so as a lefty it is annoying to see the water level line; 2) the reheating function.

  38. Cindy,

    Great iced tea every time! – This was to replace an identical iced tea maker I’ve been using for quite a few years. I like the smaller compact design than other brands and the pitcher fits nicely in the refrigerator.

  39. Melissaj,

    A must have! – I bought this pot a few weeks ago to replace an older Mr Coffee iced tea pot that was given to me as a wedding gift. I am so glad I bought this one, I use it at least twice a week.

  40. Blake,

    I Love This! (Read My Helpful Info.) EDITED – I LOVE my new Mr. Coffee Iced Tea Maker! I wish I would have bought one/gotten with the times sooner.

  41. Anonymous

    Great product. Very simple to use, easy to clean.

  42. Happyteamaker,

    Best one – The tea maker makes the best tea it is much better than Mr coffees plastic tea maker . I DISAGREE that the glass pot is thin and cheap.

  43. SWHshopper,

    Great upgrade – What a great upgrade to my favorite small appliance! It has a cool new sleek look and a new way to pour in the water. I love the new look – and the black works so much better in my kitchen.

  44. Anonymous

    I will be honest, I was hesitant to order this tea maker, but with the sale, I thought I would take a chance. I am so that that I did! It is now my ‘go-to’ tea maker.

  45. Anonymous

    This electric teapot is a game changer. I love the ability to make a pot of tea at work and enjoy it warm for an hour.

  46. MomfromSouthOC,

    Easy and Delcious – Love this! Takes up very little room. Makes perfect tasting iced tea! I use the Lipton Organic Tea Bags and I use 7 bags. Turns out perfect.

  47. Anonymous

    This is the first Tea Maker I ve ever used. I grew up using Brown Bettys to make tea strong enough to stand a teaspoon up in.

  48. Anonymous

    I’ve held off reviewing this because of other reviews I’ve read. A lot of people apparently had theirs break down after a month.

  49. Caesar,

    Great while it worked – It worked great for the few times I was able to use it before it broke. I gave it 5 stars for the great taste but when all the water started leaking after about 10 uses.

  50. Patti W,

    Water will not all brew with 1 button push. – I bought this ice tea maker a few months ago and I like it but I have to press the button 2 or 3 times to get all the water to go through. Not sure, what the problem is.

  51. Anonymous

    Love this product and makes me drink a lot more tea. I need to find a solution to the staining though.

  52. Beccamama,

    Love this! – I love this ice tea brewer! So easy to use. As I was reading instructions I was showing my teen how to make it so he could do it himself next time. He thought it was super easy too.

  53. ILIANI,

    Gr8 buy u wont regret it. – I absolutely love it. Its exactly what I’ve been looking for to make my teas and it gets done pretty quickly. I would definitely buy again.

  54. Clockwork,

    Strong flavorful ice coffee and ice tea – If your anything like me you hate hot coffee or you really love ice tea. When I saw this I was super excited because I knew if I used this instead of buying ice coffee when I’m out or I won’t.

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  • Brews tea & coffee over ice
  • Fast Brewing Cycle, make up to 2 quarts in just minutes
  • Removable steeping basket for easy cleaning.
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