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20 reviews for The Electronic Yogurt Maker – Cuisinart

  1. Mac07

    I bought this yogurt maker a month ago to replace an older, low tech yogurt maker. I couldn’t be happier with it.

  2. Anonymous

  3. Abuela

    Amazing! We now have fresh organic yogurt all the time! The self cooling cycle is a life saver. Put it all in and go.

  4. Alice M

    I bought this when our local recycling center quit taking #5 plastic tubs. I now make yogurt weekly in this yogurt maker.

  5. Carlitos

    This is so easy to use. Just add milk and your starter yogurt, push the button and go. This makes the yogurt and also cools it. You then can remove the insert and put it in the fridge.

  6. Dsch52,

    Couldn’t be easier! – Yogurt selection at stores is so limited to Greek and sweet additives. It is so nice to have traditional delicious yogurt. This appliance makes the process easy.

  7. SusanH,

    Works well – Works well. Just be sure to follow the instructions for heating the milk to 180, then let it cool to 110. Stir in one small Fage plain yogurt. Cook for 10 hours, cool overnight.

  8. Matthevia

    I have been using this yogurt making for a month. The recipe that works the best for me is the one that comes in the Cuisinart Recipe Booklet on pg 2 “Plain Yogurt Variation #1.

  9. Hol24

    I first attempted to make yogurt in my instant pot and failed horribly twice. This machine is excellent at making yogurt.

  10. Anonymous

  11. Delaware Beth,

    Simple & Easy! – I received this as a Christmas gift and I have been making my own yogurt ever since! Easy to use and easy to clean. I love that my yogurt is freshly made when I get up in the morning.

  12. SusanB,

    Best, easiest yogurt making – Fast, simple one-step yogurt-making resulting in great yogurt. Handsome machine that takes up little room and produces one quart of yogurt at a time. Many recipe options too.

  13. GGMA71

    I’ve used this since purchased and love it. Easy as come be and consistenly turns out yogart the way I like it.

  14. Elem2618,

    A breeze to use – The perfect yogurt making solution. Large capacity and extremely simple to use! Love the fact that it automaticallykeeps the yogurt cool after the fermentation in finishedSee more.

  15. cleaneats,

    love my yoghurt maker – Love the performance and design.Easy to set controls and the cooling cycle is great. My yoghurt comes out perfectly without any gums or stabilizers like the store bought ones.

  16. Mags2

    I’ve made yogurt 5 times already and love this yogurt maker! I can stir up the mixnot heatingset it and forget it. The only thing that wasn’t clear before I got it is the need to have.

  17. Jimco

    My wife and me have had our Cuisinart CYM-100 for over a month now and we have seriously enjoyed the best yogurt of our lives. We both love Greek yogurt but truly did not know what great yogurt.

  18. FloridaMom,

    LOVE THIS – This yogurt maker is definitely worth the cost, especially if you plan on making lots and lots of yogurt! I originally bought it because I have kids, so wanted to avoid glass jars which I know.

  19. FON54,

    The Best Electronic Yogurt Maker on the market – Purchased this for my wife and I so we could finally get away from store bought yogurt. After doing quite a bit of research we decided on this machine from Cuisinart. It was a great decision.

  20. Nini,

    Great product – Another high quality product from Cuisnart. The yogurt maker is easy to use and clean. I use it along with a strainer to make thick Greek yogurt. Also love the automatic cooling feature.

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This is the electronic yogurt maker that automatically creates batches of healthy and delicious homemade yogurt from scratch. Simply pour dairy milk or soy milk and yogurt starter (store bought yogurt) into the processing container, then press the start button. After fermenting in the device for up to 24 hours, a built-in cooling system automatically takes over to chill the finished yogurt to the ideal serving temperature. Makes up to 1 1/2 quarts of smooth, creamy yogurt. A digital display counts down fermentation time. Brushed stainless steel exterior wipes clean easily. 11 1/4" L x 11.5" W x 8 1/4" D. (11 lbs.

This yogurt maker is definitely worth the cost, especially if you plan on making lots and lots of yogurt! I originally bought it because I have kids, so wanted to avoid glass jars which I know would eventually shatter on my hard tile floors. The large capacity container appealed to me because it is PLASTIC (not glass!) and is easier to clean than a bunch of small containers. I also like that I can use a whisk on my (soy)yogurt right in the container which you can't do with small jars. It made great yogurt on the first try! That being said, the cooling feature is really convenient. With my busy schedule I don't have to worry about how I time making my yogurt. I set the number of hours and then it counts down and when done it starts to cool it, so it won't over-culture. You can also increase or decrease the time at any point or put it straight into cooling mode if needed. PRO's 1) Big container is easier to whip yogurt and clean. 2) Container is plastic so no glass shattering if that is a concern. 3) Timer and cooling feature is highly convenient. Yogurt won't over-culture. 4) Extra containers can be purchased from the company if needed. A few MINOR drawbacks: 1) I wish the timer countdown was more than just the # of hours, but minutes as well. 2)The lid to the container does not snap on (could spill if someone unknowingly tries to take it out of the fridge) and is a little awkward to lift and take off. 3) The unit does put off some heat from the side vents and also the front metal area especially when it is cooling, if this is a concern. 4) The unit cools but only in the 42-50 some degree range (states this in the booklet). So it is not really chilled enough to eat (my preference), still have to put it in fridge after.

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