Sodastream Genesis Soda Maker In Black

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33 reviews for Sodastream Genesis Soda Maker In Black

  1. Jane57,

    Bubbles and Flavor Made Easily – A cold beverage in the refrigerator is easy with a SodaStream. Water is good, and bubbly water with flavor is better.

  2. Angie,

    Like this product a lot! – We’ve had our Genesis for a month and it has proven to be a good investment. My nephew and my sister also have soda streams. Based on their feedback, we bought one to save money and space.

  3. HanksMom,

    Great sparkling water – Wow! I’m very impressed with SodaStream. In my household we’re buying cans and bottles a sparkling water with all kinds of flavors and throwing the cans and bottles empties away.

  4. Seascape,

    Wonderful Product! – We have had the Sodastream for several years and love ii! Convenient, economical, use it every day. Just bought two new Sodastream units for my sons as Christmas presents and they love them.

  5. mommazilla1,

    Bad taste – I like the look of the machine, but the taste of the flavoring is awful. It leaves a bad after taste.

  6. Likethisbuy,


  7. liznpaul,

    Easy to use and sleek look. – The Genesis looks great and is easy to use. We love it! We’ve purchased bottled seltzer for more than a decade. I’m certain that we’ve luged home and then recycled 1,000 or more bottles.

  8. DavaoJoe

    Bubbly – Pros: Simple to use Works well Good value Cons: The flavoring samples received were far past the ‘best used by’ date Other thoughts: The price for this item was reasonable, and I was attracted.

  9. trucker,

    Soda Stream – I am a Sparks Reviewer for Walmart. I am reviewing the SodaStream Genesis Black Bundle Kit. The product arrived packaged safely with no damage.

  10. Just Jill

    Sweet SodaStream – Pros: Easy to assemble, easy to use. The FIZZ lasts longer then store bought 2 liter sodas. Good value for the price. Cons: You can only add FIZZ (carbonation) to water.

  11. Bargain Buyer TI

    Gas Your Drink! – Pros: Convenient, any flavor anytime, good value. Cons: Gas cartridge size.

  12. Undisclosed

    sodastream stoped the sound indicator – Pros: Very easy to use and generate great soda. Cons: no indication when the soda is done.

  13. Rita

    My new Soda Stream – Pros: I purchased this to cut the diet soda’s from my husbands diet. He is diabetic and isn’t supposed to drink all these diet sodas, Just hope this helps. So far so good.

  14. Sapphy,

    Packaged great, no damages. Very easy to use and awesome for what it cost. Picture prefect. Don’t buy this thinking that it will taste spot on like real brand soda.

  15. waynster,

    no comment – My son and daughter in law have the same one as I ordered, i really enjoyed theirs. The one i have, i ordered for a Christmas present so I would expect it will be the same as theirs.

  16. ilw

    sodastream – Pros: like it, saves going out Cons: none Other thoughts: Delivery took much to long to be delivered. I had to call twice to finally get some results.

  17. cottontop

    Genesis – Pros: Great Item does what its supposed to do. Look nice on the counter.

  18. health4life,

    Not as I had anticipated – The Sodastream looks cool, but unfortunately didn’t meet my expectations. We had thought that the flavoring would change the taste, but it turned out that it only changed the scent of the water,.

  19. Undisclosed

    SodaStream GENESIS Home Soda Maker Starter Kit – Red – Pros: 5 stars explains it all Cons: Other thoughts:.

  20. mosam11,

    Great product! – Overall, I am pretty happy with the Sodastream Genesis sparkling water maker black bundle kit. The unit has a slim design and easily fits on a countertop.

  21. Rink49,

    Great innovation! – This is a great product and it’s EZ to use. Don’t expect the colas to taste just like the big name brands, but they taste good enough, quench your thirst and eliminate the clutter of bottles and cans.

  22. nursingmylilone,

    An alternative to the bubbly… – Received from Spark ReviewI love sparkling beverages, fizz, bubbly, pop – you name it.The opportunity to try Sodastream made me happy.Simple to assemble.

  23. Anonymous

    Sodastream Genesis Kit – This sparkling water maker works very good. It allows you to use your regular tap water and turns it into sparkling water.

  24. SBEK,

    Works well but CO2 ran out quickly – Easy to use. The bottle doesn’t click in like other models, but it’s easy to screw it in. Takes up very little space in our small kitchen and doesn’t use electricity.

  25. adecker21,

    Little sweetness – The soda is sometimes really sweet depending. It’s a good product. I haven’t gotten to try all the flavors yet. But I’ve noticed I’ve been getting headaches lately.

  26. California Fizz,

    Hits the Spot – I took advantage of a holiday promotion – making this one of the best investments for my health this year. Plain carbonated water pairs great with fruit juices, or lemon/cucumber/mint flavor.

  27. babypeanut,

    Love this! – I’m a big diet soda drinker, I’m so glad I finally got one of these. I’m using it daily, & am enjoying the variety of flavors I can get all without aspartame.

  28. Onebusymama,

    Soda any time! – this kit comes with everything you need to try it out. It’s simple to use and gives you options to customize it to your own taste preferences.

  29. w. samuel

    Great Soda Machine! – Pros: Each flavor tastes just like the original. Easy to setup and use. I used all the diets first and they even have a nice flavor to them.

  30. RubyHeart,

    Very happy – I gave this to my sister’s family for Christmas. They’ve only had it a couple of days but they seem to be very happy.

  31. Undisclosed

    SodaStream Genesis starter kit – Pros: It works fine Cons: Had to purchase flavors before using [] Other thoughts:.

  32. Renfro,

    Sleek and Compact – It has a sleek and compact design. It is easy to assemble and use.

  33. Figment123,

    Great for soda drinkers – I love my new SodaStream! No more lugging soda from store or going to return bottles. I can make any flavor, except Mt. Dew.

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