Soda Stream Splash Play Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit W/ Bottles

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  1. Carrie,

    Daughter loves this. – I love this soda stream it works well for just having carbonated water around the house. Super simple to attach the CO2 bottle, just twist it on and you are set.

  2. jrrobert,

    For daily use fan’s of carbonic drink – I have receive this Sodastream Fizzi free as Spark Reviewers. I have earlier 20 years ago Soda machine who was larger size for CO2 and the bottle was kind of plastic.

  3. Tiffany,

    not so fizzy… – It doesn’t work like the old one or perhaps I purchased a lemon. Water stays fizzy for less than ten minutes. Once capped in the bottle provided it is flat within the half hour.

  4. KathyG,

    SodaStream’s sure fun! – I got my husband a SodaStream for his birthday, and he is enjoying it a lot. We were spending a lot of money on fizzy water, and because the grocery store is only 3 blocks form the house I.

  5. 8675309J

    My box had obviously been opened and I honestly think used and returned. The bottle itself did not have it’s paper inside, the lid was in the bottom of the box in a separate area and there.

  6. Tracey,

    Horrible. – We press and press and still no bubbles. Love the auto connect for the bottles, though. Great feature.

  7. wilmalou2,

    Good Gadget – First of all for some reason I thought this was going to be something that would be frustrating to set up and use. When I pulled it out of the package there was the CO container, the Machine.

  8. bypeep,

    Fun and Economical – I’ve always wanted to try out a Soda Stream so I was really excited when I had the chance this past month. I received the Fizzi Black Starter kit which came with the Soda Stream machine, a.

  9. PhDt13,

    Nice Sodastream! – I couldn’t wait to receive my Sodastream Fizzi Black Starter Kit and make my first Sodastream. It takes up very little counter.

  10. Sherry860

    I ordered this on line as a little surprise for my husband and after he took it out of the box and was looking it over, he spots a sticker on the box “Best used by Nov 2014”. That was 3 YEARS.

  11. Bmoczygemba

    I bought this as a possible Christmas gift for my brother in law. When it arrived, I noticed that the flavored syrups has expired in April of 2014! The machine was new, and all in the original.

  12. Constance

    Bought 9/4/16. To date, 11/1/16 VERY DISAPPOINTING,IF NOT A WASTE OF MONEY.Briefly, first machine not working. New machine then still not working.

  13. skippersrs,

    Easy connection, but no burp!!! – I have been a sodastream customer for quite a few years and this machine does not work like the previous ones. The good thing is the easy insertion of the bottle.

  14. PeJe,

    old Dynamo was better – If you follow the instructions you will get no carbonation!—SO we do not let it return to the top( because it releases pressure)and keep pumping until we get the familiar burp. Carbonator.

  15. juliejames

    The product works. The soda flavorings taste ok – not bad – but it’s quite difficult to find the wide variety of flavors advertised. Online orders arrived in non-padded, leaking packages.

  16. iamnani2,

    very easy to use if you read the directons – My husband thinks he knows it all. Instead of reading the directions he decided to improvise we had soda all over the place. It was hysterical.

  17. Gachamp2,

    Bubbles! – I enjoy making carbonated drinks. Some of my favorites are lemonade, orange soda and root beer. Homemade Ice cream mixed with a freshly made root beer makes for the perfect float.

  18. PDPJR

    Wow! Just got my new upgraded SodaStream, in less time than it was taking me to fill up one bottle I have 3 sparkling waters ready to drink. Makes much better bubbly than my old one.

  19. misssunshine2014,

    Great traveler – The Sodastream Fizzi Black Starter Kit is Awesome if you love to have seltzer drinks instead of the sugary soda drinks. It’s easy, light to travel with especially to a party or family gathering.

  20. kohlenblakesmom,

    NOT FOR ME – This is certainly not what I expected. I tried with and without flavoring. It tastes like the liquid from a soda machine that needs the drink bags changed out. I was not impressed.

  21. ZusiQ,

    Sodastream Fizzi Black Starter Kit – When these first cam on the market, I thought how cool would that be to be able to make your own soda. Well, now that I have one, I have decided that it’s much more trouble than its worth.

  22. Clancy

    We ordered the SodaStream a month ago and didn’t open the box until Christmas. We were so sad to find some of the flavor pods were mashed and empty.

  23. Jasper111,

    Soda Stream Set – This set includes the soda stream machine, bottle and the CO2 bottle. It is easy to assemble and use. Simply follow the directions included to install the CO2 tank and start the machine.

  24. Jimbo57

    I was a little skeptical when I bought the Soda Stream beginner package because of the initial cost but once I opened it up, set it up and made my first refreshment, all skepticism immediately.

  25. MzKelzz,

    Great Product, very happy. – I purchased for hubby at xmas who drinks ALOT of seltzer and an occasional pepsi/ginger ale with take out or a cocktail. We have had great results with making plain seltzer, we use cold water.

  26. jmullins525,

    Love my SodaStream! – I was buying a case of seltzer water a week before I got my soda stream. It’s so great to be able to make my own and add whatever flavor I want.

  27. SimonShops,

    Disappointed – I bought a Soda Stream for my son & his family a few years ago. He honestly told me that he didn’t care for it.

  28. Robyn,

    Convenient and Easy to Use – I really like the Sodastream Play. My only concern is that the water tastes too flat to me unless I pump it 4 times for 2 seconds each, when I think I am only supposed to do it twice.

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Designed by Yves Béhar, the Splash Play Sparkling Water Maker makes carbonating water easy with the quick snap-lock bottle insertion. The simple and sophisticated design will fit nicely into any home décor.

This Splash Play Sparkling Water Maker comes with a 1L BPA-free carbonating bottle, (2) 0.5L BPA-free carbonating bottles, and a 60L CO2 carbonator. All of the bottles may be reused until the expiration date printed on the bottle, and each SodaStream bottle replaces over 2500 bottles and cans from store-bought drinks which helps the environment.

It doesn't work like the old one or perhaps I purchased a lemon. Water stays fizzy for less than ten minutes. Once capped in the bottle provided it is flat within the half hour. Quite disappointing. I have read all instructions and done the recommended quick fixes. Having used this product in the past with significantly better results I had hoped that the newer version would exceed my expectations; on the contrary, my expectations were not met in the least. Super bummer.

Product AttributeDetails
Carbonating Bottle InsertionQuick Snap-Lock
C02 Carbonator Compatibility60L,130L
Electricity RequiredNo
Automatic CarbonationNo
BrandSoda Stream
Led Fizz IndicatorNo
Dimensions5.2"w 16.5"h 9.0"d
Carbonating Bottle Compatibility1L,1L Source™,0.5L Source™
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