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Product Information

36 reviews for Samsung Stainless Steel Dishwasher – Dw80r5060us

  1. Maleficent

    Purchased this from Costco, received detailed email directions for delivery and installation expectations and all went exactly as described. Delivery even included a new water line (so we returned.

  2. satellitesrt

    Every few weeks the dishwasher has an issue and it is usually related to the tiny exhaust fan whining, squealing, then completely failing. This is a known issue that Samsung doesn’t seem to.

  3. SharonP

    I cannot evaluate the product since it was damaged and unable ro be replaced with a like product. Samsung DW80K7050UG/AA Dishwasher was damaged upon receipt after waiting a month for it.

  4. fill

    dishwater is very good on performance, very quiet, washes dishes nicely. would recommend this to friends. + Pros: Inexpensive ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  5. Kathi

    I have slowly been replacing my kitchen appliances as we did a remodel. We have used a lot of other Samsung products and loved them. The are reliable and last a long time with no issues.

  6. RossDefectiveDishwasher

    Watch the video, the dishwasher had this issue within one month of operation, and AGAIN within 10 months of having the part fixed.I purchased this dishwasher in August of 2017 and it has yet.

  7. Sue

    We purchased the Samsung suite on Black Friday after replacing the old microwave with a Samsung. Love all the space in this dishwasher and so far it is performing well.

  8. Anonymous

  9. AubreyR

    I’m loving my new dishwasher. It’s very quiet. My old dishwasher was very loud, and I hated to run it at night. This one is so quiet that you don’t even know it’s on.

  10. shazzi786

    it stopped working all of sudden after about 9 months. Samsung send tech about 8 times but were unable to fix. finally they decided to refund me for that. Very disappointed with this dishwasher..

  11. Tod

    Delivery was on time and great. Installing wasn’t too difficult and the unit works as I imagined it would.

  12. Dishwater hands

    Installed two weeks ago. Would love to know how it works but it is not usable. According to the in… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  13. Roxanne

    Love, love, love how the silverware comes out looking new. Even with Florida water.

  14. dipf0cc4

    I love everything about it. My other dishwasher I had to run at night while everyone was in bed because it was so loud.

  15. Jimbob

    Super quiet and easy to use. The door opening feature is an added bonus as the dishes dry with only a small internal fan blowing.

  16. Matthew

    Worked well for the first 3 months. Got an error code and called Costco who directed me to Samsung as it was under warranty.

  17. Anna

    I bought this dishwasher and loved it when it worked. I’ve had it 7 months, I called Costco and got a number to start the process of getting a repair, after contacting Samsung they were supposed.

  18. katrig

    I turned the dishwasher on for the very first cycle and the humming noise was so obnoxious that I couldn’t run it any longer. I called for service and they said this was a common issue.

  19. DisneyBarbie

    We’ve only had the dishwasher for a few weeks, so I can’t verify the durability of the machine, but I can say that it is doing excellent so far. I LOVE the bottom rack – we looked around for.

  20. wad824

    it broke just over one year! i would not buy a samsung ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  21. TBtheGemini

    The dishwasher was stylish and affordable. There is plenty room for the dishes. The dishwasher so far is much more efficient than my previous one.

  22. KBuck

    We bought this last March and it has been awful. About 9 months after the purchase it stopped draining.

  23. sunshinedreamer

    I’ve been in the kitchen design, fabrication and installation business for over forty years. During the years I specified and installed all kitchen appliances plumbing fixtures cabinets etc.

  24. Dad38

    Its Great! for the price! Great Job on dishes, Pots, Glass ware. + Pros: Durable, Lightweight ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  25. PJPT

    Best Buy returned the original DW and brought a new one out when the original DW had a damaged door during the shipping process. I was disappointed that there was the damaged door, but was.

  26. ellen

    this Samsung dishwasher is awesome! looks great in my kitchen, cleans very well & the top rack is great for big utensils!.

  27. Pam L

    I bought this to match my Samsung fridge and I’m not really liking it. The utensil tray on top is nice but takes away too much space for the lower rack.

  28. DLV2020

    I like how quiet it is and the fact that it doesn’t waste energy on a heating coil. + Pros: Inexpensive ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  29. TheBanker in Michigan

    I bought this one a couple a months ago and have had continual problems with it. Every couple of weeks a sensor goes off telling it that it hasn’t fully drained.

  30. TCasteel

    I purchased this dishwasher, had it installed by a professional, and used it about 10 times before it started making a terrible noise when started. I should have done more research! YouTube.

  31. Dishwasher

    The 3rd, top rack, is cool to have, but only for sanitizing. You still need to scrub whatever you put up there.

  32. Dishwater hands

    Installed two weeks ago. Would love to know how it works but it is not usable. According to the installer, the drain hose supplied with the unit had a hole in it.

  33. hlo1

    This unit replaced a leaking, noisey one and I can not believe the difference. This one is so silent you hardly remember it’s running.

  34. DrBush

    The Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior is surprisingly quiet. Out of all of the good things about this dishwasher, the quietness is the most surprising.

  35. Maleficent

    Purchased this from Costco, received detailed email directions for delivery and installation expecta… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  36. JO


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This Samsung built in stainless steel dishwasher is sure to cover all your heavy duty dish washing needs with its powerful rotating spray jets that clean at every angle. Add this silent dishwasher with hidden control panel for a quieter kitchen at 48 dBa sound level. It comes with an AutoRelease door that automatically opens to circulate air and improve drying performance. With its fingerprint resistant finish and sleek design it is sure to add style to your kitchen.

  • Samsung Stainless Steel Dishwasher
  • 3rd rack provides extra space to load additional utensils and silverware.
  • Fingerprint resistant exterior helps reduce smudges for an everyday great appearance.
  • Easily adjustable upper rack.
  • 6 Wash Cycles and 6 Options let you adjust the pressure and temperature.
  • Hidden heating element helps protect plastic, while AutoRelease door improves drying performance.
Product AttributeDetails
Wash Levelstiers6
RacksCulinary and utility racks
Wash SystemStorm Wash
Time Delay24 hours
ColorfinishStainless Steel
Capacity15 Place Settings
Product TypeDishwasher
Buttons ControlsHidden Control Panel
Conns SkuDW80R5060US
Manufacture SkuDW80R5060US
Dimensions35" x 23.88"x 24.75"
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