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Samsung 33 in. W 17.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel and Counter$998No Reviews
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Samsung$11454 / 5
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Samsung 18 Cu. Ft. Counter Depth Stainless Steel French Door$9994 / 5
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Samsung$999.994.7 / 5
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR French Door Refrigerator - 32.1" - 17.5 cu ft - Stainless$9984 / 5
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR French Door Refrigerator - 32.2" - 17.5 cu ft - Stainless$9944 / 5
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Samsung RF18HFENBSG French Door Refrigerator - 32.2" - 17.5 cu ft - Black Stainless$10984.2 / 5
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Samsung RF220NCTASR French Door Refrigerator - 29.8" - 21.8 cu ft - Stainless$9984.2 / 5
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Samsung RF18HFENBWW French Door Refrigerator - 32.2" - 17.5 cu ft -$1146.64 / 5
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Samsung RF26HFENDSR French Door Refrigerator - 35.7" - 25.5 cu ft - Stainless$895.54 / 5
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Samsung RF20HFENBSR French Door Refrigerator - 32.2" - 19.4 cu ft - Stainless$680.394.2 / 5
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR/AA Evaporator Cooling Cover - Genuine$173.89No Reviews
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR Ice Maker Support Assembly - Genuine$106.89No Reviews
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR/AA Crisper Drawer w/humidity control - Genuine$95.89No Reviews
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CLEARANCE | Westwind WR19 1-Door 19 Cubic Ft. Reach-In$1029.99No Reviews
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Samsung RF263BEAEBC French Door Refrigerator - 35.7" - 25.6 cu ft -$895.994.1 / 5
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR/AA Heater w/Metal Sheath Genuine$75.89No Reviews
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Samsung RF18HFENBSR/AA Water Valve - Genuine$57.89No Reviews
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Product Information

79 reviews for Samsung Rf18hfenbsr

  1. Michael M.

    Solid fridge – Yale worked with us to get a fridge that fit in our third floor walk up. While we only had a few options (and I greatly appreciate their willingness to work with us), we settled on the Samsung.

  2. tommy3620

    I received this Samsung fridge for a discounted rate from the Insiders. This fridge has a cool, sleek and modern design that does not take up that much space in the kitchen.

  3. Dave D.

    Great first time buying from Yale – Getting ready to renovate our kitchen and we were lucky enough to catch the warehouse sale. The staff was very professional, the sale was organized well, and we are so happy with our purchases.

  4. Pamela W.

    It’s going into a new – It’s going into a new home and has not been installed as of yet. Purchasing and delivery were excellent experiences!.

  5. Ruth F.

    Great experience – Employees are the key to a successful business and Yale is a perfect example of that. We decided to replace all our kitchen appliances and from sales to delivery to installation all employees.

  6. FloridaRick234

    This was my only choice in this size, it worked out great. Nice refrigerator runs quite, ice maker makes some noise but that’s ok. In a nut shell I’d buy again in a heartbeat.

  7. Cnosamsung

    We bought our Samsung French door refrigerator a little over two years ago, from Lowe’s in Eugene, OR. It took over 3 months for delivery.

  8. Ginny B.

    Love the refrigerator and the – Love the refrigerator and the salesman as well as the delivery men were great and very professional.

  9. Anonymous

  10. Ken********

    When we bought this fridge, it was the only cabinet depth 33″ wide French door refrigerator with bottom freezer and ice maker on the market. We have had it for 2 yr.

  11. Chelsea

    I moved into a new build house. The builder opted for Samsung appliances. I am just past my 1 year warranty and now I’m experiencing water at the bottom of the fridge and in my crispers.

  12. B1lz

    Very unhappy with this product. First, the design of the interior leaves a lot to be desired. Very difficult to arrange shelves to accept large bottles or containers.

  13. Susan S.

    Love it-fits great-looks good. – Love it-fits great-looks good.

  14. builttobreak

    Less than 2 yrs old and have repaired twice!! I too have the water collecting in the crisper drawers, but now the evaporator fan in the freezer stopped working. I believe it needs a circuit.

  15. James M.

    Danny always helpful – Danny always helpful.

  16. Eric S.

    Great experience – I had done a ton of research prior to my purchase of a washer and a dryer. A great sales person really helped in me making the final decision.

  17. Jwil

    We purchased this refrigerator about a month ago and unfortunately had to switch it out for another as the first one was quite noisy. The new one just got delivered last week and it’s perfectly.

  18. MARY

    great fridge – great fridge.

  19. Anonymous

  20. Bonnie

    Excellent Customer Service – Yale responded to our inquiry, worked with us to come to our home asap to repair our washer, then helped order a new one and again worked around our schedule to get new machine installed asap.

  21. Harriet B.

    Washer installation – The delivery guys do an amazing job! Everything planned out, and nothing for me to worry about. They always check to ask if I’m happy, which I am! Customer service at Yale with Paul MacDonald.

  22. Gelles L.

    Wow it’s loud – Ok it’s quiet most of the time but when the motor kicks in it is Loud.

  23. Anonymous

  24. Auntjo

    I had trouble finding a fridge that would fit in my kitchen so for years I had a very small one. When I was getting to old to bend over to find things I decided to really search for one that.

  25. FBrady

    Be advised: the product description is wrong, there isn’t a filter for the water used in the ice maker. You must buy an in-line water filter.

  26. Joanne S.

    no complaints – no complaints.

  27. Julie O.

    Great product, amazing service. – Great product, amazing service.

  28. Jessica

    A few things that Samsung could design better. The shelves are incapable of holding a gallon of milk without having to bend the shelf each time to put it in.

  29. Damarys M.

    Excellent service – My appliances are amazing. My kitchen looks wonderful. I’m so happy with the service I received. My appliances arrived in a timely fashion and they were affordable.

  30. Denny B.

    Great machine – Over four weeks, performs exactly as advertised.

  31. Kathryn C.

    Refrigerator – Refrigerator easy to set up easy to use Lovett.

  32. GoCUTigers

    We have semi-custom cabinets from Lowes (Schuler), and it was sized (we thought) for a cabinet depth… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  33. KatherineO

    Love the look of this fridge but I’ve been having trouble fitting in my normal items. Gallon and half gallon sized canisters of milk and juice are slightly too tall to fit comfortably in.

  34. Katherine G.

    Always reliable – Yale’s sales team never fails to provide great customer service and the delivery/installation teams never disappoint.

  35. Barbara K.

    Washer & Dryer – Delighted w/ new LG washer & dryer. “Quick dry” is actually quick. Instructions easy to follow. Capacity of both washer & dryer is large. Both are quiet.

  36. Sandra K.

    Great service – Great service.

  37. Eileen M.

    Rhonda was very helpful – Rhonda was very helpful.

  38. Charles M.

    Fridge – Your delivery man and installers were excellent and very helpful. Also real gentlemen thank you charlie.

  39. tommy3620

    I received this Samsung fridge for a discounted rate from the Insiders. This fridge has a cool, sleek and modern design that does not take up that much space in the kitchen.

  40. lg954

    I have a Samsung which I really like keeps things cold and I am very glad I got the Lowes extended warranty. First there was a glitch with the ice maker so that got corrected and it makes a.

  41. Anonymous

  42. Catherine H.

    Great appearance and space for my needs – The first shelf of the freezer frosts and ices up.

  43. TK472

    I purchased this refrigerator in August of 2018. Within two weeks I noticed the refrigerator CONSTANTLY running and was extremely loud.

  44. Robert V.

    Extremely happy with our samsung – Extremely happy with our samsung fridge, washer and dryer. Delivery, sales and service was excellent.

  45. Roger F.

    Very helpful with all my – Very helpful with all my selections, questions and pricing. I will be back.

  46. William P.

    Yale is our go to – Yale is our go to place for appliances.

  47. Alison M.

    So far so good. Love this refrigerator! – Have owned the Samsung counter depth unit for about a month now and am absolutely satisfied. Good space, in the upper space and freezer. Quiet when running and fits well in the kitchen.

  48. Mollie S.

    Good – Good.

  49. KEHBC

    There is some temperature/draining problem with this fridge. We have had numerous repairmen come out to “fix” it with assorted parts but nothing works.

  50. gajeda

    I should have read reviews prior to ordering this, I went to showroom to see it and did not notice the odd power supply contraption that is mounted on top of the refrigerator to the back, which.

  51. kit

    I can’t believe that Samsung is still selling this. We have this model for a number of years and would not recommend to anyone.

  52. Lindsay D.

    Small fridge, fits the space! – This fridge is small – but that’s a good thing. Yale pointed us to this fridge after our original selection didn’t fit up the stairs.

  53. ginag

    I’ve owned this refrigerator for a couple of months. Overall, the size is good, in fact is is plenty of room for three.

  54. Abigail S.

    Fridge – This was the second fridge that Yale picked for me after the first one would not fit up my small staircase. So far its been great and i appreciate Yale’s quick solution (with the fridge) to.

  55. One happy mom

    I bought this product about a month ago. The delivery men brought unit in house, when we bought unit we thought doors would have to be removed to get in house but unit easily made it in without.

  56. Lorna

    The fridge is overly humid and I regularly have half a cup of water sitting in the bottom of my crisper drawers. Next, there are several design flaws.

  57. Suzq

    This refrigerator looks great, but performs poorly. There is a design flaw that results in a freeze in the line.

  58. Tim H.

    Excellent fridge – So far it has performed very well. I like its design and controls. Such an improvement of the fridge I had before.

  59. Anonymous

  60. Christina B.

    Thank you. The Boston staff – Thank you. The Boston staff has been very helpful in identifying available items in the outlet store.

  61. Jwil

    We purchased this refrigerator about a month ago and unfortunately had to switch it out for another … Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  62. Sineide S.

    Incredible fridge – I love my Samsung fridge .

  63. Mary D.

    Love it! – This fridge is the perfect size and I love the French doors and freezer on bottom.

  64. Devin

    My fiance and I bought this fridge 3 yrs ago. It worked great up until recently. When the fridge started to not defrost. An built up major ice in the back part of the fridge.

  65. Joe K.

    I like the counter depth – I like the counter depth feature. Inside is not flexible as far as shelf adjustments. Would be nice if ice maker was on the door .

  66. Fridge Reviewer in Canada

    We have three of these at our office after a new reno. The top two shelves are not adjustable.

  67. Daniel G.

    Excellent service and products. – Excellent service and products.

  68. Kansasken

    It’s an OK fridge, but not a great fridge. The shelves are not adjustable, so you’re limited by their layout.

  69. Travelingclerk

    This is a great refrigerator, just exactly what I wanted, except Juice was spilled on the shelf and not wiped up right away, so it soaked under the white frame around the glass shelf. I.

  70. NYTrekkie

    I would have given this refrigerator 5 stars but the measurements are off in the spec area! I measured everything and the refrigerator should have fit except nothing was mentioned about the.

  71. Anonymous

  72. Amanda

    We got a great deal on this refrigerator during Black Friday month and I couldn’t be happier. It did take longer than expected to be delivered but the product itself is exactly what we wanted.

  73. Raymond A.

    It couldn’t have been a – It couldn’t have been a more seamless experience. Our salesperson Kathy A. at the Framingham location, was knowledgeable, friendly and very helpful.

  74. Doreen M.

    Placing order over phone – I had the pleasure of dealing with Kenny Keefe again and placed an order for a Samsung refrigerator. He was able to match it up with a stove I purchased just a year ago and did an amazing job!!.

  75. Karen T.

    New fridge – Love it! We had a side by side and this new French door model fits everything perfectly. I only wish there was more adjustable shelving height options. Other than that I am very satisfied.

  76. ThomWFrom MA

    From day one, this fridge leaks water into the dry bins, its a common problem with this unit that Samsung does not repair or cover, also the freezer does not open all the way unless you force.

  77. Adea

    We bought this fridge and a Samsung Electric Range (NE59J7850) and have had issues with both. I started finding little pools of water under the drawers, then the pools started getting bigger.

  78. KrisBert

    We bought this refrigerator a little over a year ago and started having problems with it less than a year after we bought it. It always has frost in the freezer, and we do not have it set at.

  79. Tracy P.

    Great space given that it’s – Great space given that it’s smaller than my previous 36 inch Jenn Air refrigerator. Runs quiet and looks great.

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