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Product Information

42 reviews for Samsung Digital Dishwasher

  1. RWWilly

    this dishwasher does not clean. i have had it less than 2 months and have had to hand wash several loads.i have tried every 2-3 hour cycle on the machine, but nothing seems to work.

  2. Jnich513

    I am so impressed with this dishwasher. I was having a lot of trouble with my previous dishwasher and needing to run it for several cycles to get one load of dishes clean, but this Samsung.

  3. Danno

    wanted to like this dishwasher based on the good reviews and great price on sale. Arrived a week late and after first trial run empty it was very loud.

  4. MMcentire

    we have had this dishwasher 2 days and have yet to have a clean set of dishes come out of it. we followed all instructions for installation and the dishes come out dirtier than when they went.

  5. Conv3

    My family and I love our new dishwasher. It is so quiet you can’t tell it’s on. There is no problem having a conversation or watching television in the kitchen with it.

  6. MessyKitchen

    We have 5 kids and generate a lot of dishes and pots. This washing machine works very well to meet our needs! Our last dishwasher left a terrible film on the dishes (we have hard water) and.

  7. Anna

    Read the reviews and purchased this dishwasher. It stopped midstream and couldn’t get it to continue or reset. Called Samsung and they suggested to reset circuit breaker but nothing changed.

  8. MrData

    Best dishwasher I have owned. Nice design, no handle sticking out, light not too bright. Wall of water quiet and effective. So far, its the best past 4 months ever.

  9. leonna91

    I have absolutely loved trying this dishwasher out it is so quiet compared to my old one. It also cleans so well and I love the fact it has top controls it has helped save me so much money.

  10. Acefly

    The waterfall feature puts this dishwasher in a totally different category. It is very quiet and does a superior cleaning job. It is also has a clean look. ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  11. Nikoleweyburn

    I had this dishwasher for 6 months before the door stopped opening at the end to finish the dry cycle. Someone came to fix it recommended by Samsung to only change the circuit board out and.

  12. Yleonnn

    We love our new dishwasher. Before getting this upgrade, I found myself rinsing the dishes prior to putting them in the dishwasher, and then having to wash about 50% of what went in when the.

  13. 208085

    got new dishwasher about 1 week ago and can’t relive how quite it runs, you can have conversation with out raising your voice. love the room inside can pack it full with food still on within.

  14. Shauna72

    I bought this dishwasher in May 2017. it does not wash clean no matter what I do the top rack does not get clean! the dishwasher Is now only 5 months old and it will not drain the water out.

  15. randyandchuck

    This is a very cool dishwasher. It’s really unfortunate that it is not reliable. We’ve tried two of them now and both have leaked. Both have displayed the “LC” error code multiple times.

  16. michaelrunkle

    i asked the installer where the toe panel was. apparently going for a very unfinished look? not a big deal, but this just seems strange that such sleek looking dw would have such a clumsy base.

  17. DW333

    So, dropped nearly $1200 for this “top of the line” dishwasher and am waiting on the 2nd service trip now after owning for only 10 months. While it is very quiet and cleans the dishes superbly,.

  18. Gamma2

    We like our Samsung dishwasher because it is extremely quiet and efficient. The downside to this dishwasher is the top rack designed for utensils.

  19. TnEd

    This dishwasher turns out even the worst of dishes. It is super efficient and super quiet.

  20. Julie

    Love this dishwasher. Much better than expected. Although it is rated a noise level of 50/55 decimals. I can barely hear it in the very next room. Aesthetically pleasing.

  21. Anonymous

  22. 4motion1

    So I was going to stick with my old dishwasher. You know the saying, they don’t build them like they used to. Well, my belief on that is out the window.

  23. Tim

    Dishwasher works fine however, bottom panel was missing when they took it out of box. Called Lowe’s and they said they would order one and have it sent directly to my house however nothing.

  24. 208085

    got new dishwasher about 1 week ago and can’t relive how quite it runs, you can have conversation with out raising your voice. love the room inside can pack it full with food still on within.

  25. sotryj

    Looks beautiful. I am on my 3rd dishwasher as the two precious were defective. Have only had this one a week and I find it washes dishes great if you wash them before you load them.

  26. M Scott

    We purchased this for our newly built home 3 months ago based on the features it offered and its relatively good reviews. But so far its performance doesn’t come close to what we’d expect from.

  27. Chris

    This dishwasher looks great and was delivered in perfect condition. The professional installation went quickly and it was up and running in no time.

  28. Cici8017

    We are huge dishwasher users. We don’t like to wash our dishes before we load the dishwasher. We like to put out pots and pans in it. This dishwasher can handle all of that.

  29. Nothappyloading

    This is the worst dishwasher I have owned in over 38 years. When pulling out the middle dish rack the suction cup held it in so tightly against the back wall that my dishes go flying off the.

  30. Willy007

    The interior of the dishwasher door is so soft it easily dents. Never had any dishwasher with such a tinny liner in door.

  31. ERNIE123456

    very good dishwasher ,very quite ,cleans dishes very good ,easy to operate # Best Features Cleaning Performance, Durability, Premium Design ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  32. cmathews

    I purchased this washer as being a proud Samsung owner of many items they manufacture. I replaced an 13 year old whirlpool that washed better and cleaner than this new unit.

  33. CindyLuWI

    The tines on both the top and the bottom make it VERY hard to load this dishwasher. Food storage containers, mixing bowls, cutting boards, baking pans are all difficult to load.

  34. PGGC

    I’ve had my new dishwasher for a week now and am totally wowed by the cleaning, drying, silence, and loading ability of it. When I went to make my purchase, I didn’t have this brand on my list,.

  35. Fliporflopper

    We were won over by the reviews that promised a quiet dishwasher. Yes, it is quiet, but that seems to be because it doesn’t do anything.

  36. QChawks

    We purchase this dishwasher to match other Samsung appliances. After 5-6 wash cycles we are pleased. Quiet and the dishes are clean.

  37. Ynot816

    We purchased in 11/2016, installed 1/2017. We have the same issue as all others with the dishes on the top rack coming out with food particles and a film on on most of the dishes.

  38. MelanieLynn

    This dishwasher is beautifully minimalist. It doesn’t draw a lot of attention to itself, but does an excellent job cleaning and is very easy to use.

  39. Ralph

    I keep getting error code LC and customer service tells me all the time leave the door open with fan on , just worst experience ever. My stainless steel G&E dishwasher was better and never.

  40. mrbreakthru

    Our original dishwasher was on its last legs and we have been looking for a dishwasher that is quiet, spacious, and affordable. This model delivers all of these requirements: an advanced wash.

  41. TheRobertPalmer

    I bought this about 18 months ago. At about 12 months in a leak started. It leaks only enough to set off the sensor. Then it tries to pump out the unit until I unplug it.

  42. BBAK

    Code LC – leak present. My engineer boyfriend said it had nothing to do with installation. It was the way it was built. The dishwasher is leaking on the inside.

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  • • Digital Touch Control Dishwasher in Stainless Steel
  • • Adjustable rack
  • • Optimal cycle detection, detects how dirty they are and then automatically selects the optimal cycle
  • • Quiet operation
  • • Digital water leakage sensor
  • • Energy Star® Certified, , which means lower energy bills
  • • 4 wash cycles include auto, normal, heavy, and express 60
  • Dimensions: 23.75” W x 24.625” D x 33.
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