Samsung 5.0 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer & 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer – White

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36 reviews for Samsung 5.0 Cu. Ft. Top Load Washer & 7.4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer – White

  1. Anonymous

  2. Mike

    So far I really like them,but it really takes a washer load a lot longer to wash than my old washer. But the dryer takes a much shorter time to dry and load so thats better ✔ Yes, I recommend.

  3. Pcc1

    I own multiple Samsung products, so I wanted to give them a shot with for a washer. They do not disappoint! Big upgrade from my current washer.

  4. dryanmorr

    this washer is only 18 months of use for one person, already broke down and out of warranty. it is making a grinding noise when spining/agitating. quality is horrible along with their warranty.

  5. Will D

    This is an outstanding washer! At first, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I went to this unit largely because the space of my laundry closet dictated a very limited size, and this unit met that.

  6. HonestDReviews

    We received the Samsung Washer a few weekends ago and wanted to give it some testing for a bit before writing up a review. We posted our receiving and unboxing video on YouTube, Facebook and.

  7. Cookinwithginger

    I doubt that Samsung will let this review be posted, but here goes. I have had this washer for 3 days and had plenty of loads of wash to experiment on this model.

  8. momof5kiddos

    I am in Love!! This has been one of the best investments we have made with Samsung. Its sleek and most importantly quiet.

  9. DRAN

    I wanted to have the feature of being able to wash large items like comforters. So I put a load in it and it washed it so that when it was ready to spin, the contents were all lopsided.

  10. Alex G

    The washer works really well and the extra little faucet is awesome for cleaning stains prior to the wash. The dryer works well but I noticed occasionally when doing a short timed dry I get.

  11. David

    We struggled to decide between a top loader vs. the front loader.… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  12. Gerit

    I had balance problems continually with a Whirlpool washer I owned prior to purchasing this Samsung machine. No problems with this Samsung. I also love the quiet operation of this machine.

  13. CavalierNT

    this washer has exceeded my expectations and has made a noticeable improvement in our quality of “laundry life”.speedwash, finger-print resistant finish and low noise are my favorite features!.

  14. Christian

    I am still amazed by this product! This is the first time that I have bought a washer machine for my house. In the past, wherever I moved, a washer machine was included.

  15. Tco2926

    I’m loving every load of laundry since receiving this Samsung washing machine. Our previous washer was a front loader that was difficult to get in and out of that was also outdated.

  16. Bueller

    Noisier than my Whirlpool Cabrio (circa 2007), but doesn’t twist up my pant legs and long shirt sleeves as much as the WHPL. The cycles seem to run too long.

  17. J Geyer

    We are very happy with our purchase. Laundry tub is HUGE! Dryer is efficient. Both are quiet. Delivery from Costco was timely. Pigtail and dryer vent were included with installation.

  18. TooShortToReach

    First let me say- I love this washer. I loved it for a month while it was at Lowes and I was walking past it almost every single day.

  19. Mom

    We love our new washer from Lowe’s. We’ve had it for about 2 weeks now and it is just the best ever. Super quite and gets our clothes really clean.

  20. Susan e

    First time I’ve had a washer without an agitator. I love the size of the tub.

  21. Roberts150

    We got this washer to replace a kenmore he2 plus from 2003. Our Kenmore lasted a long time but we to replace the rubber gasket 4 times, the motor 3 times and the electrical component once.

  22. MRod3922

    We have had this washer dryer combo for just over a year now and have had multiple issues with this washing machine building up mold quickly. We always leave the top of the washer open after.

  23. BaldGuy

    Delivered a week ago, so hopefully it will last a while. Pros: I had no problems when I connected supply hoses; did not have to balance it.

  24. Bigmike184

    Terrible from the beginning. Mold issues after a month no matter how much you clean it and Samsung w… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  25. Klooster1

    I am so glad I purchased this Samsung washer and dryer set. I had bought a Maytag washer and dryer set from Lowes less than 2 years ago and they were a piece of junk.

  26. KRex

    The washing machine is wonderfully big. The dry works great too. I would have give 5 stars, but I have two complaints. The lid on the washing machine is clear, like glass.

  27. rhonda

    Thanks to Samsung​ and The Insiders US​ my laundry room has never looked better!! Gigantic tubs in both appliances assure me that from the smallest load of unmentionables to my bed comforter..

  28. JB12

    Better than I expected. They both hold a lot more than I thought. Quiet, easy to use. The washer takes longer than our old one, and dryer takes less time.

  29. John B

    I have owned the washer for a year now after Black Friday Purchase. I replaced a frontloader. I am happy how well the machine works and that it is low maintenance.

  30. Feleeshaa1

    its sleek and quiet. pre-selected washing cycles makes it easy to turn it on and walk away. activewater jet for easy stain removal.

  31. Marissa

    I LOVE THIS WASHER! It is so much larger than our last one, and it is very easy to reach to the bottom (I am 5′ 6”). The cycles run about the same length as any other washer I have seen,.

  32. David

    We struggled to decide between a top loader vs. the front loader.

  33. Melanie3013

    I was one of the first to try the 2019 Samsung Top Load Washer. I have the Samsung 4.5 cu. ft. Smart Front Load Washer with Super Speed. . To start, just looking at it, it is beautiful.

  34. Jackie

    Purchased this washer when my 11 year old washer finally died. First Samsung washer and I am very impressed so far with cleaning and it is so quiet! ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.

  35. VijayKandukuri75

    Energy efficient, easy to use, quiet, fits perfect in a small space, and it makes such a huge difference with our clothing. With this washer, it’s gentle on your clothes and even better.

  36. nana2019

    We have had our set for four months. I was unsure what to expect after reading the disparity of reports, but have other Samsung appliances and took the plunge. We are very satisfied.

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