Samsung 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator In Stainless Steel

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Product Information

58 reviews for Samsung 25.5 Cu. Ft. French Door Refrigerator In Stainless Steel

  1. LuckyGramma

    I liked this refrigerator in the store but I was concerned about some poor reviews for this model. However the sales rep told me she had had no problems while owning this model for 3 years.

  2. mcb5

    After much research, we decided to replace our aging side by side unit with a French door model. What a great purchase! The black stainless is very attractive and we opted to keep the look.

  3. Princessbetter

    So far so good. This is my fourth frig in three years. First frig, lasted one week then gave up. Second frig was a replacement on the first frig and lasted one month.

  4. nitpickin

    1. tons of protective film, but difficult to remove. 2. leveling adjusters did not really do anything 3.

  5. Anonymous

    Door shelves break for no reason. Poorly made. Had this refrigerator for 3 months and two of the door shelves have already broken.

  6. XiXiCooks

    I just got my refrigerator and am very impressed with how much room there is and the features it offers. It is very elegant with clean lines.

  7. 1258976

    I absolutely LOVE this refrigerator. It has slightly more CF than my previous fridge, but it seem HUGE! When it was delivered, it came to proper temps right away which really surprised me.

  8. ChiefLindy

    Best fridge we have ever had. The water filter feature is great, but would like to see a longer spout or a flow dispenser speed toggle, as sometimes we get splash back when the water hits ice.

  9. billibob

    We bought this refrigerator because we liked the design and features. Lots of room, great lighting, deli drawer, an in freezer ice maker.

  10. DomesticRosie

    Just bought this refrigerator and very very happy with it. Really love the LED lighting, it makes for less “lost” items in the corners.

  11. muhammad

    It is very QUIET, feels very sturdy, and gives an amazing look to my kitchen. It’s really easy to mo… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  12. ChurchMommy1

    We bought this model because of the bottom freezer. My husband has back issues and can’t bend to get items out of a top-freezer model.

  13. MarP

    I have had this fridge about 6mos now and can agree with others that the fridge is noisy! When i read reviews, I thought they meant that the motor was loud and I thought that maybe wasn’t so.

  14. MRMD

    I choose this model since it did not have a through the door ice/water dispenser and I wanted all the extra space in the upper section. Having both doors full of shelves is a big plus as is.

  15. Coffee snob

    There’s nothing about this refrigerator that I don’t like! I wanted a fridge with a filtered water ice maker and no water spout in the door. (Have you ever tried to clean one of those!!!?).

  16. Anonymous

    Five repair visits later and I still have problems with the defrost drain freezing up. Samsung has made two modifications since I bought this model.

  17. CasualGamer3223

    This refrigerator exceeded my expectations. When it arrived, my parents asked if they could trade their relatively-new refrigerator for mine since it is so well-lit! The size of the interior.

  18. Spatz

    I bought this model a month ago and really like most of the features of the refrig. DISLIKE: how th… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  19. TravelandShop

    We got our new refrigerator about two weeks before Thanksgiving and it was a great addition to our home. The old side-by-side refrigerator was the same size (26 cu ft), but held less than 2/3.

  20. cncferg

    Love the refrigerator. The men that ultimately delivered it were extremely thorough and nice. It was delivered earlier than I expected. I missed the first delivery as I was out of town.

  21. BlackDogFarm

    We are about three weeks into our new refrigerator purchase. We read reviews before making the purchase and are quite satisfied so far with the performance of the refrigerator.

  22. J and L

    We have had this fridge for just a few weeks now and are getting used to it! The French doors are nice and there is a LOT of room in the refrigerator section. The bottom “pantry drawer”: requires.

  23. Kat

    It’s exactly what I was looking for, love the bottom freezer and it has plenty of room. It even has an alarm to let you know when it’s been left open, with 3 kids it has came in handy.

  24. Dr. MAC

    I bought this at the end of March, 2018. So far, there have been 2 service men to repair the refrigerator light that has been on and off since I( bought it but now is off completely.

  25. muhammad

    It is very QUIET, feels very sturdy, and gives an amazing look to my kitchen. It’s really easy to move and does what it is supposed to.

  26. HowePC

    It was a little tough to get it through our door, but the delivery guys were creative and efficient. The frig and freezer keeps things solidly at the temps we’ve set and the layout gives us.

  27. retiredgal

    I have owned this product since May 8th 2016. It is quiet and keeps things at the correct temp. The only thing I have noticed is it is slow making ice.

  28. Bill

    At just over a year and just out of warranty the refrigerator portion of the unit stopped cooling, while the freezer was fine. Temp was in the mid 50s even though it was set for 36 degrees.

  29. Kf2

    There are some good things about this fridge, but mostly bad. It has a lot of space both fridge and freezer and nice design.

  30. cygnus10db

    This our second french door refrigerator, and the price to value is excellent. The freezer is great, holds temp excellently, and the ability to turn off ice maker with a button is great.

  31. konabob

    The Samsung French Door/bottom freezer was the exact design for which we were looking. The bottom freezer design is far better than a top-freezer model for us and we appreciated finding a model.

  32. Sitruc

    Purchased this fridge – rf261beaesr/aa in July. It’s now August. The features are all nice and the fridge does as expected. Really like many things it does.

  33. costcolover

    We’ve had this refrigerator for several months now and are very happy with it. I know others have complained about it being loud, however we have no problems with that.

  34. Dick

    We have owned this Samsung french door refrigerator for several years. So far it has run well.

  35. Dieseltech

    This is a great fridge cabinet. The layout, LED lighting, and ice maker. However, we are terribly disappointed with how much noise it makes.

  36. tesscar

    We are in the process of returning our second Samsung refrigerator The first one developed frost build-up in the freezer almost immediately and was very slow at making ice. The repair company.

  37. KoolKat25

    I went from a single upper fridge door and lower freezer. I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the upper double door design.

  38. Totongski

    so far okay. creates a weird sound. quite bothering especially for the first days/month. sound is like a motor/engine that is “failing to run” or having a “hardtime running”.

  39. Beatleslover

    Ever go grocery shopping and get home only to have to fight to get the items into the refrigerator? Well, not with this one! This one opens up its doors to you and says, “Feed Me!” “Fill Me.

  40. Do Not Buy Samsung

    If it were simply the case that the unit was defective and Samsung fixed the problem, I would not be able to complain. Unfortunately, the Samsung refrigerator NEVER worked properly and after.

  41. meickhoff

    After my second ice maker broke on two previous refrigerators, I wanted to get a fridge with fewer breakable parts. All I needed was an ice maker, no dispenser, and I use a personal water filter.

  42. jaqui

    love fridge but not happy about surface rust just got product in aug of 2012 put a few magnets on it and when i took them of to polish there was surface rust and its starting to pit i thought.

  43. KenOpa

    This refrigerator is without a doubt the finest unit I have ever owned and my first french door. I was concerned about the difficulty of removing food from the bottom freezer and the fact there.

  44. ColoradoHiker

    My new French Door unit was delivered this morning and upon plugging it in, it cooled to proper temps within one hour. It’s quiet and I’m enjoying the Twin Cooling, both the cooling efficiency.

  45. Anonymous

    Bought this garbage 1 week ago. From the beginning, we noticed loud noises coming from it, and the freezer frosting up. The frosting has gotten worse over the week.

  46. unknownshopper

    I like the features and design. It maximizes the available cu. ft. and provides temp control for veg. and meat in the well designed shelf drawers.

  47. Nebraskamark

    This fridge is excellent. In deciding to purchase a new fridge I ended up reading hundreds of online reviews, searched dozens of stores and websites for good deals, and talked to many vendors.

  48. Rinkrat21

    This new fridge seems to be working very well, however it is noisy and motor runs for a very long time and more often than our old one did..

  49. Steve

    Lowe’s delivery was top notch. Our two delivery men removed the old side by side and installed our new French door refrigerator in less than an hour.

  50. scouser12

    I am really happy with my fridge, it knocks once in a while, like someone has knocked on the door, but that only happens when we keep the doors open a long time, I love the freezer, has easy.

  51. Spatz

    I bought this model a month ago and really like most of the features of the refrig. DISLIKE: how the ice cubes fall through the back when you pull open the freezer! And we have problems with.

  52. shazamer

    Basic refrigerator for a french door. works fine so far. I appreciate that this nice basic feature fridge is available. We didn’t want the icemaker taking space out of the doors/interior.

  53. Michelle-and-Aimee

    This is a fantastic upgrade for us! It is a little louder than our old plain refrigerator but we are getting used to it. The only flaw is that the freezer snags a little on the right side sometimes.

  54. Dodge30

    We had two small fridges that were with the house when we bought it, the fridges were older ones. We decided it was time to upgrade to a bigger one that was energy efficient.

  55. Anonymous

  56. Corbs246

    We love this refrigerator. It has lots of room, great lighting, the internal water dispenser, etc. The only negative is the ice maker.

  57. NeedIce

    We like the French door refrigerator, which was a priority when we purchased it. It gives us quick and easy access to everything in the refrigerator and has wonderful storage capability.

  58. Nannobear

    Truly, it’s a beautiful fridge and the interior of the refrigerator portion is large. Aside from that, the freezer drawer was the reason to buy it but that is also the drawback.

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This 25.5 cu. ft. Samsung French door refrigerator has a beautiful, sleek design that complements any kitchen decor and has enough room to fit up to 26 bags of groceries. Twin Cooling Plus utilizes independent cooling systems for the refrigerator and freezer, maintaining higher humidity in the refrigerator to keep produce fresher for longer, and dry freezer conditions to prevent freezer burn in frozen foods. Cool Select Pantry chills or defrosts in a controlled, isolated space. Plus, LED lighting, Power Freeze and Power Cool Options, and more.

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Depth Excluding Handles33.50
Counter Depth YesnoNo
Refrigerator Width In35.75
Name25.5 cu. ft. French Door Refrigerator in Stainless Steel
Icewater DispenserNo
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