Samsung 24 In. Front Control Dishwasher In Stainless Steel With Stainless Interior Door And 3rd Rack, 51 Dba

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  1. jeniann31

    Unfortunately I’m not a fan of the Front Controls at all. Every time I walk by it, it turns on and because it doesn’t have a latch to lock it, you barely have to touch it for it to lock.

  2. Vickieam

    Great features! – I utilize it, routinely. Wish it had more slots for bowls.

  3. Rlassek

    We had a not so great dishwasher and this dishwasher was our awesome replacement! We’ve had the opportunity to try it for a few weeks now, and overall we are pretty impressed! The third rack.

  4. Ponyo

    Affordable Dishwasher – Does the Job! – We were looking for an affordable simple dishwasher to replace a broken one. We were surprised to see how expensive dishwashers are! This GE dishwasher was the least expensive model so we ordered.

  5. Anonymous

  6. Mina22

    Love it! – Great product So quiet and cleans exceptionally well. Don’t even use the dryer option.

  7. JaniceT

    Love my new GE Dishwasher – I was never a fan of dishwashers, but I am loving my new GE Dishwasher. It is a major part of the “Kitchen Clean up”!!!.

  8. DrBush

    The Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior is surprisingly quiet. Out of all of the good things about this dishwasher, the quietness is the most surprising.

  9. Roxanne

    Love, love, love how the silverware comes out looking new. Even with Florida water.

  10. Pammie6

    Great features – It’s quiet and has a lot of different setting options that I really like.

  11. Dora

    We had a few troubles with this order. 1. After the devliery service set up a same-day delivery and… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  12. melvil17

    Wonderful Product – Great price, great look, runs fairly quietly! This dish washer would be perfect if only it were a little larger!.

  13. Kathi

    I have slowly been replacing my kitchen appliances as we did a remodel. We have used a lot of other Samsung products and loved them. The are reliable and last a long time with no issues.

  14. MamaOf3

    I just recently installed this as part of a kitchen renovation. I was SO excited.but have been SO let down. 1. There is no rinse only cycle. 2.

  15. NinjaMomPTC

    We purchased the Samsung (DW80N303) Front Control Dishwasher to replace our aging dishwasher. Wow! What a difference.

  16. Slwhite

    Good features – Purchased with new home. It’s energy efficient and up to date. I don’t like the way tupperware doesn’t dry, but all else is okay.

  17. dishjockey

    I was fooled. The interior is not stainless steel, only the door panel is stainless. This machine does a poor job of heating the water and drying.

  18. Anonymous

    I am overwhelmed that I was chosen to try this Samsung Front Control Dishwasher with Hybrid Interior in Stainless Steel! My dishwasher just got broken a month ago and I really need a replacement.

  19. eccls1

    I have to admit I was a bit skeptical about getting a new dishwasher but I Wanted to update this appliance so Id have all new appliances in my kitchen. I had had my previous washer for 20 years.

  20. Lunchmeat

    Great features – Nice stuff I love the products makes my life easier.

  21. eocjim

    A great buy and performer – I replaced a Frigidaire dishwasher that was about 5 years old with the Bosch. The old machine would not get the dishes clean and left a heavy film on the dishes and flatware.

  22. Bmkss

    Great dishwasher – This dishwasher cleans great. It is pretty quiet. I was initially worried because it was very wet after washing. The turbo was does not dry well.

  23. Sumoman

    Bought this unit on 3/11/19. Already had a service person out here once to repair an error code it said it was due to a leak valve sensor error.

  24. Hunter81

    Works & does what it supposed to do – in the home we have only two people, my wife and I. We use this dishwasher irregularly. It works and does what it’s supposed to do. The final wash is good. We don’t have any soap left over.

  25. Anonymous

    I am overwhelmed that I get a chance to own the newest and top of the line Samsung dishwasher front control with hybrid interior. I am so much happier with its sophisticated and state of the.

  26. jaspat

    Although I appreciate the design of this product I am disappointed with the product’s functionability. 1.

  27. bawaji

    great diswasher – QUiet, efficient, washes well, amd the third rack is amazing.

  28. NY JETS

    many features – used it for the first time. have to try all features to see what works best for us.

  29. Anonymous

    every time the washer is finished, the items inside are still soaked. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product. Originally posted on samsung.

  30. dbair

    i’ve had this for two weeks and its been nothing but issues. its not broken its just a nightmare to use. never stops beeping, stops mid-cycle. ✘ No, I do not recommend this product.

  31. Garyb427

    Even though it does work, the shelves are not tall enough for larger items so the racks get stuck on everyday items like spatulas and tongs. Anything put on the top shelf like lids are left.

  32. JO


  33. PIZZO


  34. birdsindallas

    I am a huge fan of this new stainless steel dishwasher by Samsung! I love how much quieter it is, and it does such a good job in cleaning our dishes. The top slide-out rack is awesome for large.

  35. Sue

    We purchased the Samsung suite on Black Friday after replacing the old microwave with a Samsung. Love all the space in this dishwasher and so far it is performing well.

  36. ellen

    this Samsung dishwasher is awesome! looks great in my kitchen, cleans very well & the top rack is great for big utensils!.

  37. Momof7

    I bought this dishwasher a month ago and it was such a mistake. It is by far the worst dishwasher that I have ever used.

  38. Nate

    Good dishwasher – We have probably run ten loads through this now. Results are what you would expect from a new machine and the contents are clean even when not fully rinsed before placing them in the unit.

  39. Mtater

    This dishwasher is whisper quiet! It thoroughly cleans my dishes even when they have residue on them. I am very happy with the look and the performance.

  40. AubreyR

    I’m loving my new dishwasher. It’s very quiet. My old dishwasher was very loud, and I hated to run it at night. This one is so quiet that you don’t even know it’s on.

  41. Dishwasher

    The 3rd, top rack, is cool to have, but only for sanitizing. You still need to scrub whatever you put up there.

  42. Princess91192

    While we had a few issues with the installation and missing parts and had to wait for a new unit to be delivered and installed, we are finally able to use our dishwasher! It is incredibly quiet.

  43. Nick

    Quiet and efficient – The dishwasher is quiet and efficient – it does a terrific job so far. The installation instructions, however, left a lot to be desired.

  44. Merrie K

    Simple, functional, no electronics – Glad to find this old-style basic mechanical model. I do not need any fancy features. This one works well enough for me.

  45. Tpot

    I live the dishwasher. It does a great job cleaning. I love the third rack and the food grinder inside. Lots of options from quick wash to heavily soiled.

  46. Sophie33

    Works well. – This dishwasher came with the home we bought. It works well. Its not the best model, but does the job.

  47. Pacoone

    This dishwasher is awesome!! it’s great for a big family. The versatility of the triple tier rack can be configured to your cleaning needs. From big to small pots and everything in between.

  48. Trevor vh

    This dishwasher was unable to clean the dishes even after we had a service tech come out and make sure it was working correctly. The tech told us we needed to turn on our faucet until the water.

  49. witchykitty26

    I can’t believe how quiet it is! – I am so in love with my LG LDT68099SS dishwasher! It is super quiet and cleans everything perfect, the first wash, and it leaves no spots or residue. I don’t have to wash, or even rinse, my.

  50. Marc

    Great Dishwasher! – I dont know what’s all the complaining is about this dishwasher. I first had issues with drying when i fitst bought it, but duh i never added the rinse aide.

  51. Tod

    Delivery was on time and great. Installing wasn’t too difficult and the unit works as I imagined it would.

  52. HonestDReviews

    I was very much looking forward to getting my new Samsung Dishwasher. When we purchased our home last October it had a Samsung Dishwasher installed however it was not working properly and we.

  53. Tpot

    I live the dishwasher. It does a great job cleaning. I love the third rack and the food grinder insi… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  54. Dora

    We had a few troubles with this order. 1.

  55. Lynnsworth

    Quiet and clean dishes – I love this dishwasher. I usually wash by hand before placing them in the dishwasher. But this one you have to just scrape and place in and they come out clean.

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This 24 built-in dishwasher by Samsung offers 15 place settings and a 3rd rack dedicated space for cutlery and utensils adding 30 more usable space to your dishwasher This dishwasher also features the StormWash Heavy Duty WashSystem that uses powerfu.

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  • Stainless Steel
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  • Single Drawer
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  • Custom Door Panel Ready
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  • 3rd Rack,Automatic Temperature Control,Built-In Hose,Cycle Status Lights,Hard Food Filter
  • Dishwasher Rack Configuration
  • 1st Rack- Removable,2nd Rack- Adjustable,2nd Rack- Removable,Cup Shelf,Removable Silverware Basket
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  • Energy Efficiency Tier Rating
  • Handle Type
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  • Number of Place Settings
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Depth24 in - height
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