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16" X 25 Steel Return Air Filter Grille for 1" Filter - Removable Face/Door - HVAC Duct Cover - Flat Stamped Face - White [Outer Dimensions: 18.5$32.995 / 5
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20 reviews for Removable Filter – Juicer – Juicers – Small Kitchen Appliances – The Home Depot – Mainstays

  1. Bre,

    Great small coffee maker – The coffee coffee is very small and if you brew it up t 5 that’s enough for 2 people to enjoy 1 cup each. I love the new small size doesn’t take up a lot of space in the kitchen it’s perfect.

  2. Demi,

    Good coffeemaker – It’s pretty basic, which is exactly what we needed. Our last coffee maker gave out, and it like several before it did not last long, we had paid a lot for them and never needed or used half.

  3. RD,

    Does the job, but think it through – My son accidentally broke the carafe of my other coffee maker, and seeing that the new carafe (of different color) price was the same as this Main Stays coffee maker, I thought it a no-brainer.

  4. Mel,

    Space saving coffee maker, while it lasted. – Had it for approximately 4-5 months, brewed a perfect cup every time, until I turned it on one morning. It started to drip and all of a sudden, the on/off button pops off.

  5. meffy,

    Cheap Yeah! But it works GREAT!Coffee taste good! – used this before I bought it. I was a demo person at Walmart who had to use the cheapest items. This works great. I bought the Ninja Coffee bar and it broke,.

  6. jarhead0311,

    Not heavy enough for a boat anchor!!! – Bought it a little over 2 months ago. The maker was turned off immediately after each pot and poured into my 20 oz go cup. It has been used with Sam’s Choice Bottled Water only.

  7. FarmgirlD,

    Nice little coffee maker – Nice little coffee maker for the price. I bought this so I could have my own coffee maker since I had to switch to Decaff instead of sharing one big pot with my husband.

  8. lisa,

    Omg how can you buy a brand new coffee machine for this price. Not even a 2nd hand one will be this price. So i bought it any ways, so far so good. Can expected more. Made my monring so muc easier.

  9. LoverOfCoffee,

    Cheap For A Reason – I have never purchased a “bad” coffee maker before. This thing is awful. It is cheap for a reason. Don’t waste your money on it.

  10. Nanamel,

    I don’t Recommend this – I bought it a few months ago. it worked great then this morning the switch snapped off into Pieces in my hand .

  11. Kirk,

    Waste of money – The spring on this thing is loose and has to be adjusted after you put the decanter in there to brew. If you don’t, it leaks all over the place. Junk.

  12. CoffeeLover,

    Don’t waste your money – This is the worst coffee maker I have ever owned. I have received free coffee makers as hand me downs that were far better than this.

  13. BaddaBin6,

    For a temporary coffee maker it was great. – For a coffee maker $10 or less this is perfect. It brews 12 cups in about 10 minutes. Not my $$$ Keurig machine for the house but I needed something to take on a scout camping trip.

  14. Unhappycoffeedrinker,

    Bad switch – I’ve purchased 3 of these coffee pots..

  15. Butch,

    Good product but read specs first. – I ordered two of these coffee pots on line so I would have a spare one if the need should arise. When I opened the box when I got home I was surprised to see that both products were black.

  16. GinnyNini,

    Mainstay 5-cup Coffee Maker – I love the look and feel of the coffee pot and handle. I only wish the pot would turn off automatically after the coffee is made because I have to remember to turn it off (but, I’ll soon.

  17. StyleSavy,

    Great little coffee pot!!! – Sounds like an old fashioned percolator which I love about it. In one picture you can see a lot of steam in the pot. That was the first time I used it.

  18. DDDD,

    morning perk me up – simple , well made small coffee maker . like the weighted bottom and one on/off button . brews great coffee fast , the heated bottom keeps a perfect temp .

  19. Reagan,

    Love it, love the beachy color. Wish it automatically turned off tho.

  20. Sportsmom54,

    Not what I thought – I purchased this as I have a small space for a coffee pot to sit, I see great reviews, unfortunately when I take the coffee pot off the stand while it is still perkalating, it does not stop.

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  • 120V/60Hz/700W
  • Mainstays coffee maker includes a removable filter basket
  • Brews 5 Cups
  • Automatic Pause 'n Serve Function
  • Keep-warm function
  • High-temperature and dishwasher-safe carafe
  • Easy Pour, Non-drip Carafe with Ergonomic Handle
  • Anti-drip function
  • Dual Water Windows give a clear view of water level while filling, to reduce overflowing.
  • Coffee temperature equal or above 77 degrees C
  • Easy cord storage eliminates counter clutter
  • Non-stick Warming Plate
  • Power On/Off Indicator light displays coffee maker status.
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