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  1. genedaly

    Same problem as other reviewers Weber team, is there a solution for this? The center piece that holds the assembly together does not have long enough tabs to be able to install the handle.

  2. rgred,

    There are just what they are supposed to be. And they work to help me control my sugar levels.

  3. cabs,

    good product – These lancets are perfect for my machine and the price is right.

  4. Jersey Devil

    This is an exact replacement for my rusted original cleaning system bought with the grill on 7/7/14. Only issue was that it was a battle to get the old one out and had to rework the interior.

  5. TBDawg

    I’ve had my performer grill for 7 years and have had to replace these 3 times. And the first replacement process was extremely difficult (as others have stated) as it was fused to the bottom.

  6. Suzi O,

    good price – Great priceNo I am not a Lab Technician [This review was collected as part of a promotion.].

  7. Steve of Cave Creek

    I was in the process of cleaning, restoring, polishing, and replacing old parts on my Webers. The very old (circa 1970’s) One Touch Cleaning Systems needed what I call the wings.

  8. Timothy,

    Works great! First ine i’ve ever owned! I get a 5 star rating.

  9. Leon1330,

    Mini Super companion – This is the sturdy and awesome in the market, i specifically locate it on my Mini Cooper 2015 and love’s it, every time I have a new rider, they ask me where did I purchase mine!!! so a lot.

  10. DDwife,

    Strips arrived quickly and securely – These strips were not available in the store (only the 100 count box which cost $137 – ouch!) so ordered online and got free shipping because 2 boxes were $75. Wish the strips were less than.

  11. FrankZ,

    As expected – Have been using One Touch for a short while. The test strips work as expected.

  12. glcohenjr

    The center piece that holds the assembly together does not have long enough tabs to be able to install the handle with the ash catcher bracket. It works perfectly without the ash catcher bracket.

  13. Carl,

    Easy One Touch – The Easy One Touch mount is exceptional. I highly recomend. HOWEVER, the suction device strongly adheres to your windshield and is NOT easy to remove.

  14. TallBoy

    This is the second cleaning kit I’ve purchased (the prior replacement lasted about 6 years, so that’s pretty good). The only problem was removing the old one.

  15. GWendall,

    Top rated lancet for the Genteel lancing device – I recently bought a new Genteel pain-free lancing device for my 11 year old T1D. It’s top recommended AND compatible lancet is the J&J One Touch Ultra Soft. In a nutshell, it works WONDERFULLY.

  16. Nangs,

    One touch lancets – Work great. Very easy to use.

  17. Vizslas,

    Glucose monitoring strips – Good buy for OneTouch glucose monitorlike larger supply.

  18. Drsmus,

    Quick reliable service – Lancets almost painless.

  19. sunilsp,

    Value for Price – I shopped for these lancets for my father in all the local pharmacies. They were expensive !! Walmart.

  20. coolfaye,

    one touch test strips – I always use this item. it take less blood sample then the other.

  21. Leona,

    Best Phone Holder I’ve bought!!! – Holder that holds my S7 edge in a communter otterbox case which has a popsocket on the back. Keeps vent in one position but I can work with that. First one I bought that actually works.

  22. Beachgirl72,

    Dependble Results – These test strips are very reliable for diabetic needs.

  23. PK,

    I got this for a long road trip I was taking. It worked very well and was sturdy. Love that you can just attach it to the vent so easily.

  24. Des,

    I like it. – I needed something quick and something that extended and held my phone easily enough that i could manipulate it with one hand. The guy grabbed this one off a shelf for me and was really helpful.

  25. Denman73,

    Overall great holder – I have this one but the wireless fast charge , its easy to install and they improved the dash sticker like times 10x . its not coming off even in the heat ..

  26. JohnnyG,

    Perfect for GPS – I am completely happy with this holder for my iPhone 6. It is well designed and well built. I have a 09 Elantra and it mounted easily onto my dash.

  27. Anonymous

    Product easy to order, cost was reasonable, looked like the catalogue picture, and shipment as advertised. Instructions were clear but installation was more difficult than anticipated.

  28. BCastro78,

    Absolutely Fantastic– I’ll only buy iOttie – Absolutely Fantastic! I love how sturdy it is and how the mount/phone doesn’t shake when I’m driving. Seriously this thing is rock solid, absorbs shocks, and keeps your phone secure.

  29. Early,

    Excellent service – I received it early.

  30. Michael MC

    I have owned Weber grills since the 1980’s. I bought a new one in 2012 and the One touch Cleaning does not last more then 9 months. I have been replacing the cleaning system about every 9 months.

  31. Anonymous

  32. BdB,

    Love this holder! – I like the sturdy way it’s made. The bottom rests on the frame of the vent and doesn’t move at all. You just push in the side stems And it’s a one handed snap in process to attach the phone.

  33. Woodstock

    This thing took over an hour to install. Removing the old unit per the recommended way didn’t work. I resorted to a Dremel tool to finally get the old unit out.

  34. RainierLover,

    Fantastic product! – I used to use the Freestyle meter and had the dickens of a time making sure I had enough blood for their strip to get a reading. I wasted a bunch of test strips! When I started using the One.

  35. Delica,

    Delica 33 Gauge – Thin needle.

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  • OneTouch Delica Fine 30 Gauge Lancets, 100 Count
  • OneTouch Delica Lancing Device
  • OneTouch Delica Lancing Device - 1 EA
  • LifeScan One Touch Ultra Soft Sterile Lancets, 100 count
  • OneTouch Verio Blood Glucose Test Strips 100ct
  • (4 Pack) ReliOn 30 Gauge Ultra Thin Lancets, 100 Ct
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  • Carbonating cylinder
  • 1L bottle x3
  • 0.5 liter bottles x2
  • Lemon Fruit Drops
  • 3 year warranty
  • 3 year warranty.
Product AttributeDetails
Manufacturer Part Number022-136
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H2.50 x 2.25 x 4.00 Inches
Assembled Product Weight0.1 lbs
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