Lg Electronics 4.3 Cu. Ft. White All-in-one Washer And Electric Ventless Dryer

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  1. Anonymous

  2. Mimze

    Works like a dream, – Needed to put in a stove and refrigerator in my laundry room. No space for a washer and dryer. Needed to move it where it would be difficult to put in an exhaust vent. And then I found this.

  3. Shejo

    I am happy with my purchase, for the most part. It’s so convenient to put the load in the washer and not have to worry about switching it to the dryer.

  4. ginny

    I love it. I am in the process of remodeling my kitchen. The old washer & dryer took up a large footprint in my kitchen that I wanted back.

  5. BeachGranny

    I bought this machine after months of agonizing over the reviews. I am thrilled with my results. I have washed a set of queen sheets with additional light weight shirts and everything was dry.

  6. Tom

    After some home remodeling, I had no way to vent a dryer and also no convenient 220v outlet. This unit solved both problems. Being single, this machine is perfect for my amount of laundry.

  7. Kpayne

    I bought this machine and very happy with it. My son washes uniforms and sweaty clothing everyday. Convenient to put them on when going to bed and their done when I wake up.

  8. Pete36

    I put about 7 loads thru it for the last week, some full some half full and it just works. I set it to turn on at 1am and by the time I wake up at 5 am to go to work everything is clean, dry.

  9. Hoodeet

    Suburban luxury for city dwellers – It’s only been a couple of weeks, but I’m already so delighted with this appliance. It is efficient, attractive, and all in a compact size.

  10. VentlessJoe

    Perfect for Small Family/Small House – To start, we’ve had this dryer for a little over 3 months. We had issues with venting our previous dryer due to the location of our wash area. This little machine has worked out great for us.

  11. Anonymous

  12. Any B

    It’s not the worse and it isn’t the best either. As of now, I’d buy it again but once we have more space, I will ad an extra dryer. It also plays a little chime when the laundry is done.

  13. Leks

    Works well for me – This is a compact size so fits nicely in my space. I wash for one so it holds what I need washed and dries the load as well. There is no lint tray to empty.

  14. Jack

    After 3 years of use. – We bought to use in our shed in a southern climate. We use as cold water only. I waited to write a review for 3 years. Love the thing. It needs to be installed as directed.

  15. DJWNP

    Switched from super-large samsung giant capacity front load washer/dryer to this because my laundry room is now a laundry closet. So this yielded tons of space, and the capacity is pretty good.

  16. Marianne

    Have had this washer dryer combo for a few weeks, and it is glorious to do laundry in our own place. It takes some getting used to from the speed and efficiency of a laundromat- but overall.

  17. jwen

    I should say the concept of having washer and dryer together is good but practically you never get what you want. Due to the nearly only 50% of capacity compared to a regular dryer, you have.

  18. MomK

    Great w/d combo – Love that I can throw load in and return home later dry and ready to fold! Loads are small but that is expected. Sometimes just run washer then pull out heavier clothes to line dry and dry.

  19. gypsy

    There was a steep learning curve for me because I was not used to computerized controls and needed to ask for help three or 4 times. Customer service was prompt and helpful.

  20. Bob17

    We got the refrigerator a few weeks ago. It is a perfect fit for the space from our old unit, yet it holds significantly more food in both the refrigerator and the freezer.

  21. NYATTY

    So Far, So Good – I purchased this washer/dryer combo about three months ago. When it first came out of the box, it did not work at all. I was so disappointed.

  22. AJ

    Love It – Have now had this combo unit for a few months and I believe it was worth the high price tag. Purchasing it was a bit of a gamble, since I’ve heard mostly bad stories about combo w/d units and.

  23. Gordon Grove

    Nice machine – Camp remodel with limited laundry space. Stack combonation units are old technology.

  24. SharGVegas

    I purchased the washer dryer combo because I live in an older home where the washer hook-up is in the kitchen with no area for the dryer. I mainly use the dryer in winter due to hot desert.

  25. Costco Consumeritis

    yes. it takes 4-6 hours to dry a tiny TINY bit of clothes.… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  26. 1dominator

    It washes and dries. Yes it does take a little longer to do but you can walk away and come back to dry clean clothes. This thing is awesome.

  27. Lilah

    After reading lots of reviews I decided to buy this to replace an old Whirlpool front load and dryer. I am so glad I did. We are a family of three (two kids) and this has worked out great.

  28. Pete36

    I put about 7 loads thru it for the last week, some full some half full and it just works. I set it … Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  29. Dawson

    Awesome! – It’s mmmmm incredible !!! Dry time is a little slow but it’s cool cause I can now drop and go without having to transition. So happy with purchase.

  30. Johnwinter

    Fantastic product – We purchased this washer/dryer combo because it fit perfectly in a closet. We were guarded in our expectations, but are ecstatic with the performance of the unit.

  31. Phyllis

    I rated this machine high because my previous machine was similar to this one. So I knew what to expect. I mean I knew it has a great washer and I didn’t expect much from the dryer.

  32. SonyBar

    I love it! No regrets at all! – I purchased this w/d combo and the pedestal that goes with it. It fits perfectly in my minuscule laundry room.

  33. Alekusam86

    I bought this machine one month ago and let me tell you I am very happy with the results as of today. I spent quite some time reading reviews and searching about features and other choices.

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