Lg 24 Front Loading 2.3 Cu. Ft. Washer/dryer Combo – White

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LG WM3488HW 24 Inch Washer/Dryer Combo with 2.3 cu. ft. CapacityAppliancesconnection.com$12954.2 / 5
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LG WM1388HW Front-Loading Washer - WhiteHomedepot.com$7984.1 / 5
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LG Electronics 2.3 cu. ft. All-in-one Graphite Steel Front Load Electric Washer and Ventless Dryer ComboHomedepot.com$13983.8 / 5
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LG WM3488HW Front-Loading Electric Washer/Dryer - WhiteHomedepot.com$12984 / 5
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LG WM3997HWA Front-Loading Electric Washer/Dryer - WhiteHomedepot.com$14994 / 5
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LG Electronics 4.5 cu.ft. Ultra Large Capacity Front Load Washer with Coldwash Technology and Wi-Fi Connectivity in WhiteHomedepot.com$5984.4 / 5
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Haier HLC1700AXW Front-Loading Electric Washer/DryerAjmadison.com$9893.3 / 5
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Product Information

52 reviews for Lg 24 Front Loading 2.3 Cu. Ft. Washer/dryer Combo – White

  1. KenArizona

    Great Washer – I’ve had this washer since 10/02/2019 & have been very pleased with how it works & looks. The touch pad for the commands is easy to read & is easy to program.

  2. Doing laundry for 4

    Perfect washer dryer combo – We are a family of 4 and have limited space available. I was skeptical of the washer dryer combo but it was our only option.

  3. flyboi

    This is my second purchase of this product. It is high quality. I would give it 5 stars, except it has one long standing design flaw: cleaning the lint out of the machine.

  4. peace3

    I bought this around Thanksgiving and had it installed by Xmas. It washes really well and has dried well for me too.

  5. Review2

    They deleted my one star review/only highlight 5 – I’m really upset to say the least and if they had an option for zero stars I would chosen that instead. I thought about all of the good things I could say about this product, great for small.

  6. Scottomatic

    I bought this several months ago for my new house. It works okay; the drier feature is weird and doesn’t give as good results as a conventional drier, or even a conventional condenser dryer,.

  7. StilllovingmyLG

    This washer/dryer is very convinient if you are tight on space. I have done many wahses and it works perfectly.

  8. S Rad

    I was skeptical about the small capacity and not being able to wash as I dry another load. Being single tho, my loads are typically small once I separate the delicates, colors, etcso the.

  9. wbvt

    One of my bête noires in life: Catching the washing machine soon after it has finished and loading clothes into the dryer to ensure the freshest laundry. The amount of time engaging in this.

  10. mightymikeMG

    Quiet, efficient, effective. Check door opening – I purchased this unit and had it delivered. First things first. It’s big. In and out, check your depths, widths. It is a serious machine that will process the laundry. Also it works.

  11. Andrea Lauder

    I love my washer! – This washer is not only beautiful to look at, it has many settings for all my needs and leaves my clothes very clean. The washer also is time efficient.

  12. Rwillwilson2

    We have a summer retreat using a 12 vdc water system near a small pond. Trips to the laundromat are a 50 mile round trip.

  13. MOB Man overboard

    Excellent product! – Delivered about three weeks now. I love it. Yes a bit slow to dry but it certainly does what it supposed to do. I am very impressed.

  14. party_mcfly

    I have owned this machine for over a half year and haven’t had an issue with maintenance thus far. Seeing the bad reviews, yes this takes longer than usual to dry clothes, but you must understand.

  15. MEAG

    Great Machine – I bought my LG a month ago and could not be more pleased. My last machine was an LG front load washing machine and had it since 2004. I would highly recommend LG products.

  16. Gigantic 1

    Gigantic – I purchased this washer with the matching gas dryer and sidekick pedestals, it’s gigantic and very easy to use not to mention beautiful !! I washed my king size comforters all the bedding in.

  17. Jim525

    love the electronics that operate it. – This unit fits right into our beach house where a normal size washer and dryer would just take up too much room and we do small loads like bed linen and towels.

  18. ProudNana

    Very satisfied! – I just love my new LG washer. It’s quiet and really does a good job cleaning my clothes.

  19. LadyA_

    Purchased this combo washer/dryer about a month ago and so glad that we went this route. Load the clothes, choose your settings then come back to remove dry clothes when the chime sounds.

  20. Kornelia

    Easy to use, drying part takes quite long and to get good smell after drying you’ll need to put 2 sheets! I always pause the machine when it starts to dry, put the sheets and then press the.

  21. mykie4

    Excellent washer – I was nervous about purchasing a front load machine due to reading mixed reviews. I am so glad I bought this machine. It cleans better than my 2 previous top load machines.

  22. Fairydust66

    Highest temperature – I’ve recently bought this washing machine and so far so good it works perfectly. The reason I’ve chosen a LG washer was because of the temperature settings.

  23. MC2247

    I bought this unit about a year ago. I wash very small loads and initially the washer/dryer combo worked great.

  24. Dlogue

    I had planned to buy stacked full sized units BUT my builder didn’t leave enough space in the laundry closet. So I thought I was settling for a lesser solution with the WM3488HW BUT I was wrong.

  25. KamCams

    We love our combo washer/dryer. It fit perfectly in the little nook when we remodeled the downstairs bathroom. Our main use for it is cloth/reusable diapers.

  26. Travelers Remorse

    We stayed in a condo where this was installed. As you can imagine, a family at the beach needs to wash and DRY swimsuits and towels throughout the week.

  27. tanguera

    This replaced an earlier 10-year-old version of the LG washer-dryer combo. (The earlier one worked fine, however.

  28. Purchaser

    Didn’t Need to Buy a New Dryer After All – We had to urgently replace our washing machine which leaked into the neighbor’s apartment downstairs. After alot of research, esp with Consumer Reports, we chose the LG frontloader.

  29. goldietess

    I hesitated a long time before buying the LG washer/dryer combo, thinking it was too good to be true. Finally decided to give it a try and I am sorry I didn’t do it long ago.

  30. ChillyB

    I have been researching combo washer units for about 2 years now. I chose LG after watching video reviews because these are never on showroom floors to inspect.

  31. jag13sd

    Like all LG products we have ever owned, it has broken multiple times. None of their products, from television, to phone, and now washing machine have lasted more than 2 years without breaking.

  32. Washing daily

    Nice Washer, Bad Display Panel – I looked around lot and talked to many different appliance dealers and thought I would get a top loader to replace my broken Samsung front loader that we loved. But the front loaders have the.

  33. Liza mae

    Love this machine. I was skeptical because some reviews said that it didn’t dry well.

  34. AH196

    We’ve bought this machine twice now. We have a family and live in an apartment without space for a vented washer-dyer. The first lasted 7 years, often in use twice a day.

  35. Vano

    I bought this for a smaller condo that will be a rental. Space is limited for a full washer and dryer so this is a good alternative.

  36. Zoneseven7

    Perfect for my small home – I had the 2.8 combo ventless washer/dryer installed in my kitchen between the sink and stove.I could not have a 220 line installed therefore the LG is perfect.

  37. Lint trap

    I bought this as a second machine set for our master bedroom. Thought it would be nice to have hahhhhhh I was wrong. It actually makes your clothes look worse than before they are washed.

  38. Ray77

    This is a great washing machine! Many features! – This is a great washing machine! As others have said, it comes with a ton of “bells and whistles,” many of which I’m not sure I would use, but may come in handy in the future. The capacity.

  39. Anonymous

  40. Wise Old Woman

    I’ve had the washer/dryer combo for a couple of months and am very pleased. Takes a little time to learn its features and wish there was more information about how to use them.

  41. Tyrolian66

    We added a laundry upstairs into an old closet and were tight with space and couldn’t fit a full size washer and dryer. This machine fit the bill and was more economical (120vac, no venting,.

  42. artzymom

    the quality of washer/dryer seems to be good, but I am not a fan of “he” now that I have used it. After figuring out the best choices to make on the washing options to get my clothes the type.

  43. Jebbett

    My husband and I purchased your washer dryer combo machine model number WM3997HWA about 3 years ago. In the beginning it worked perfectly, but for the last year or so it no longer dries properly.

  44. pmack1111

    It DOES dry your clothes – I have had 3 combo units in last 20 years. First an Equator, then an LG3134now this unit. Each was progressively better.

  45. Jam12

    I’ve been using my new all-in-one for about 4 months now and overall I’m impressed. My biggest issue is that the dryer feature lacks some basic options (i.e. low/no heat on a timed dry.

  46. KateN

    This machine has been worth every penny since I no longer have to walk up/down 3 flights of stairs to go to the laundromat! I am mindful not to put too many heavy items in at any given time.

  47. Martha Jean

    This is a functional machine, being ventless, an all-in-one washer/dryer, and size. I was able to have the machine placed adjacent to a laundry sink in my daylight basement, together with the.

  48. eCraig

    A WASHING REVOLUTION – For starters, I own the LG Model WM9000H*A. It features cold wash and turbo wash choices, and I’ve used both. In fact, I am a certified “dyed-in-the-wool” nerd.

  49. JoeK100

    New LG front loader – This unit replaced our 9 year old LG front loader. Water had gotten into an area that should have stayed dry and the cost of the replacement parts were about half the cost of a new washer.

  50. Joyce7kids

    Love my front load washer! – I love my new front load washer! It cleans so good and it spins everything so much better than my old top load washer that it takes HALF the time to dry them! And I especially love it that.

  51. Juney

    Excellent washer from LG!!! – This front-loader is a HUGE improvement our existing front-loader washing machine! The LG Direct Drive motor spins the tub quietly and with authority. The pump motor for draining is also noticeably.

  52. RPM1

    Nice machine for small spaces For 5 years, I suffered with a Summit compact washer/dryer combo. When it finally died with a strange error, I took the opportunity to get a new unit.

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  • Washer/Dryer Type
  • Washer/Dryer Style
  • Front Loading all in one unit
  • Wash Capacity
  • 2.3 Cubic Feet
  • Wash/Spin Speeds
  • 5 Wash Speeds
  • Number of Wash Cycles
  • 14 Wash Cycles
  • Number of Water Level Settings
  • Variable Water Level Control
  • Adjustable Water Temperature
  • 5 Temperature Combinations
  • Drying Features
  • Automatic Dry
  • Drying Cycles
  • 4 Drying Cycles
  • Drying Temperatures
  • 6 Temperature Settings
  • End of Cycle Signal
  • Dryer Drum Light
  • Hot & Cold Fill Hoses
  • Hot & Cold Fill Hoses Included
  • Other Wash Features
  • 14 Wash Programs, 1400 RPM, Internal Heater
  • Other Dryer Features
  • 24" Compact Combo Ventless Condensing Dryer, 6 drying programs, TruBalance Anti-Vibration Drum, NFC Tag On
  • 24.0(w) X 33.5(h) X 25.2(d)
  • Warranty Terms - Parts
  • Warranty Terms - Labor
  • CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.
Product AttributeDetails
Drying FeaturesAutomatic Dry
Number Of Wash Cycles14 Wash Cycles
Washerdryer StyleFront Loading all in one unit
Other Wash Features14 Wash Programs, 1400 RPM, Internal Heater
Adjustable Water Temperature5 Temperature Combinations
Prop 65CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS ONLY - WARNING:Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov
Washspin Speeds5 Wash Speeds
Dryer Drum LightYes
Other Dryer Features24" Compact Combo Ventless Condensing Dryer, 6 drying programs, TruBalance Anti-Vibration Drum, NFC Tag On
Washerdryer Type115 Volt
Drying Cycles4 Drying Cycles
Warranty Terms-labor12 Months
Number Of Water Level SettingsVariable Water Level Control
End Of Cycle SignalYes
Drying Temperatures6 Temperature Settings
Hot Cold Fill HosesHot & Cold Fill Hoses Included
Warranty Terms-parts12 Months
Shipping Weight166 lbs
Wash Capacity2.3 Cubic Feet
Dimensions24.0(w) X 33.5(h) X 25.2(d)
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