Kitchenaid Kss3121cu Sparkling Beverage Maker Powered By Soda Stream® W/ Starter Pack, Silver

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10 reviews for Kitchenaid Kss3121cu Sparkling Beverage Maker Powered By Soda Stream® W/ Starter Pack, Silver

  1. Heirway

    The Kitchenaid Sodastream maker exceeded our expectation. It fits right in with our Kichenaid StandAlone Mixer.

  2. ihora

    I imported this product to Europe, as I really love KitchenAid, and I wanted to have this one at home right after its launch. After 2 years, it stopped carbonating – the relief valve is defective.

  3. Anonymous

    I received this as a wedding gift about a month ago and I cannot explain how wonderful it is! Simply put, if you like seltzer water or are thinking about making your own soda this is the product.

  4. Anonymous

    I originally bought the Sodastream plastic version which quit before the first bottle of gas was empty. Checked online for reviews and it clearly showed that these plastic versions will not.

  5. Anonymous

    Loved this soda machine however after having for about 6 month it now does not work. I have tried three new tanks and it will not carbonate.

  6. Anonymous

    I bought this product a few weeks back and I can’t get enough of it. It works great and I can make sparkling water to my liking, i.e., more gas or less gas, it is up to you.

  7. GWMO

    We used to spend so much money on soda water. This amazing device makes it just like we want it, and it is excellent.

  8. Anonymous

    Really like the convenience of having a soda maker in the house. It should be more explicit on the sizes of the CO2 cartridges it will accommodate.

  9. PhilW

    I have only been using my carbonator for a few months, but I am very pleased with it. It is solidly built, like a good kitchen appliance should be. The carbonation is the best part.

  10. Michelle M

    I received the beverage maker as a gift approximately three years ago. It worked magnificently for the first two years. I was very pleased with the product.

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KitchenAid's sparkling beverage maker is powered by SodaStream® technology and enables you to carbonate your own water and add one of over 60 flavors to create the perfect drink for you. This model is constructed with die-cast metal, ensuring a dependable product with a long life. A one-liter bottle, 60-liter CO2 tank, and three-flavor starter pack are included with your purchase.

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