Ionic Pro® Turbo Ionic Air Purifier – Germguardian

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Envion Turbo Ionic Air$133.894.5 / 5
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Envion Ionic Pro Turbo TA400 Ionic Air Purifier,$123.594 / 5
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Ionic Pro Turbo TA400 Ionic Air Purifier Black$173.943.1 / 5
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Ionic Pro - TURBO TA500 Ionic Room Air Purifier 90IP01TA01 NG$209.345 / 5
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Ionizer Cleaner Air Purifier Hepa Black Ionic Ozone Dust Filter$2274.2 / 5
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Ionic Pro Turbo TA500 Air Purifier -$129.994.2 / 5
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Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Ionic Air Purifier$128.95No Reviews
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Envion Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier$176.993.3 / 5
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Turbo Ionic Air Filter | Purifier Envion Pro Room Pollen Black$152.99No Reviews
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Ionic Pro Platinum Air Purifier by Envion,$289.995 / 5
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Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Ionic Air$199.954.2 / 5
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Envion Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic Air Purifier, 500 sq ft Room Capacity, Black -$307.83No Reviews
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Ionic Pro 90IP01TA01W Turbo Ionic Air Purifier, 500 sq ft Room Capacity,$277.09No Reviews
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Envion Ionic Pro Elite Air Ionizer and Air Purifier with Permanent Filter$199.993.8 / 5
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Envion Ionic Pro CA 200 Compact Air Purifier Mini Air Ionizer$89.95No Reviews
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Therapure 240 Hepa Air Purifier With Uv Germicidal Protection$149.994.5 / 5
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Ionic Pro 90IP01UA01 PURIFIER,AIR,PRO PLTNM,$258.28No Reviews
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Ionic Pro Compact CA200B Air Purifier -$89.993.9 / 5
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Envion Evita500 Turbo Ionic Air Filter,$210.68No Reviews
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Product Information

20 reviews for Ionic Pro® Turbo Ionic Air Purifier – Germguardian

  1. puppiedaddy,

    great value – i have had this unit for about 2 weeks and i am a smoker. it works great. no smoke smell . easy to clean. it is great.

  2. BSDMCS,

    Item received was defective – Don’t buy online – purchase in person.

  3. debbspink,

    Fantastic Air Purifier – We purchased this when company came and my husband was sick with a cold. It runs silently in the background and has kept everyone healthy. We move it to the room we are occupying.

  4. BreathingRight,

    Great for Cigarette Smokers – No filters to buy, just keep it clean. So quiet you won’t even know it’s on.

  5. SKV15,

    Less dust! Yay! – I recently purchased the Ionic Pro Turbo Air Purifier as I was tired of all the dust in my house. I am amazed at the difference this machine has made in a very short period of time!! Within.

  6. RondR,

    OK when they work – Bought three of these and had them shipped tp my home one of the three didnt work right out of the box!See more.

  7. Anonymous

  8. jeff2112,

    I watched the DVD did what it said and after I plugged it in the unit started to crackle and then the red clean light came on so I cleaned the grids and plugged back in the red lght came on.

  9. Ladybughot,

    Excellent! – Very good in collecting dust and leave fresh clean scent very quiet and easy to clean. very reasonable price at walmart.

  10. yearroundcamper,

    This is my second one. – This is my second one. I really like the way the air is fresher almost immediately. No noise, either.

  11. Givup,

    Doesn’t Work at All – Oddly enough, I got a request for a review on this product the very day I was planning to return it. Perhaps mine one of the few lemons, but I’ve had this plugged in on high in my bedroom for.

  12. ramvin,

    failure – I purchased three of these units. One did not work at arrival, replaced by manufacturer (great). The other two original units failed after 45 months.

  13. Jusdon2012,

    I smoke and it works! – I use this in a room that is ~240 sq feet and I smoke inside. I ran the unit on high for about 24 hours and now run it non-stop (except to clean) on the medium setting.

  14. Blia,

    6 years and still operating as new – I first bought this product when I lived with a roommate who had cats; hair, dander and dust everywhere. About an hour after I turned it on I noticed the air smelling cleaner and that dander/dust.

  15. oldog,

    made too much noise – I bought one, it made too much noise right out of the box. like a ufo from space invaders. I thoroughly cleaned it and it still made the noise.

  16. JoeMaker,

    Simply amazed, after only one day!! – An allergy suffered, I knew my home was dusty, but never realized to what extent until the incoming sunlight from a window hit the dust particles just right. The dust was like a swarm of bees.

  17. TamborineMan,

    do NOT buy this – This was a great product for about a month, functioning very similarly to another high-end brand cleaner I bought several years ago (but at 3 x’s the price#; that air cleaner lasted almost.

  18. lovetoshopandsave,

    Cleans the Air – After reviewing several products, I decided on this one. The only thing I suggest; is that be very Patient with the customer service when needed.

  19. Bomber55,

    Great Air Cleaner that is very easy to maitain – I have had this for about a month now and have noticed a great difference in the air in my bedroom. I’m a smoker and wanted something to knock the odor down in my room where I smoke.

  20. BondGirl72,

    Worth the Money – I used to buy the Ionic Breeze from the Sharper Image, but when they went out of business, I found the Ionic Pro. Same idea, different product. I could not survive without these air purifiers.

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The Envion Ionic Pro Turbo Ionic Air Filter helps improve the air inside of your home. This filter can be used in a room up to 65 sq. ft. The germicidal chamber helps kill germs and bacteria and has be proven to capture up to 99.9% of airborne germs. The filter helps remove pollen, smoke, cold and flu viruses, dust, pet odors, mold spores, staph and strep bacteria. The portable design allows this filter to travel from room to room inside of your home.

Product AttributeDetails
BrandIonic Pro
Air Purifier TypeTower
Name3-in-1 Pet Pure True HEPA Air Purifier System UV Sanitizer and Odor Reduction, 28 in. Digital Tower
Maximum Coverage Area Sq Ft193
Primary Filter TypeHEPA - True
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