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20 reviews for Iced Tea Maker, 3-qt – Mr. Coffee

  1. Mess in Tx,

    Make great tea if you can keep it in the container – We bought this tea maker to replace one of the round pitcher ones because it was getting slow. I would rather have slow than tea all over my bar.

  2. lmsjsr614,

    Great iced tea maker – I had a Mr. Coffee iced tea maker that lasted 10+ years, so I knew when it finally bit the dust that I needed another Mr. Coffee. This one is even better than my old one.

  3. TnTB,

    A tea lovers must have – I have gone through many Mr Coffee Iced Tea Makers. They are awesome. Love fresh brewed iced tea and make it almost daily.

  4. HollyWolfe06,

    Absolutely loooove our tea maker 🙂 – My fiance bought the Mr coffee iced tea maker 4 years ago and it only has leaked on me 2 times and that’s because i filled the water tank to full and it started to come out back exactly where.

  5. hardrocker,

    Original designed tea maker didn’t leak – I also had problems with the pitcher leaking. The docking design is terrible. I ended up putting a cafeteria tray under my ice team maker to hold the brewed tea when it leaked.

  6. ThisisRediculas,

    Mr. Coffee Ice Tea Maker – I have had a Mr. Coffee Ice tea Maker for ten or twelve years and I loved it. My sister really liked it too, so I bought her one.

  7. Michelle,

    Leak issues on strong brew setting – I have had this tea maker for years. I often walked away only to find half my tea on the counter top and the floor. I just got brand new cabinets and counters and was tired of leak issues.

  8. Gramlin3,

    making it cheaper and cheaper – This pot works and I believe me I brew many pots of tea I am just disappointed that every 1year and a half when I buy a new one. there is something they have cut corners on.

  9. TMRA,

    Love it. – It makes in minutes. There is no dripping. I have only used tea bags so far and they taste great! I am happy with this purchase even though I was a little hesitant with the reviews.

  10. BisquitMaker,

    TeaRifik – Hubby loves sweet tea, but not MY sweet tea. We spent several dollars per week for his sweet tea.

  11. OneCarolinagirl,

    Disappointed it didn’t last long – I bought this two and a half months ago I just started using it a few weeks ago. If you fill it past the clear section it leaks water everywhere.

  12. Cindy,

    Great iced tea every time! – This was to replace an identical iced tea maker I’ve been using for quite a few years. I like the smaller compact design than other brands and the pitcher fits nicely in the refrigerator.

  13. Melissaj,

    A must have! – I bought this pot a few weeks ago to replace an older Mr Coffee iced tea pot that was given to me as a wedding gift. I am so glad I bought this one, I use it at least twice a week.

  14. sandygg,

    love it – This is my second iced tea maker. The other one I took apart to clean and apparently I didn’t get it back to together correctly because it started leaking.

  15. ladybug,

    excellent tea maker for style color andsize! – this is my second mr coffee tea maker ! when my other one finally wore out from age I went shopping for the same make and model! nothing else would have made me happy !I found it in blue but.

  16. Deb Law,

    Makes great tea – I have had a Mr. Coffee tea maker for years and finally it was starting to fail. I looked all over for another one no luck so I went on line and low and behold I found my favorite tea maker.

  17. Caesar,

    Great while it worked – It worked great for the few times I was able to use it before it broke. I gave it 5 stars for the great taste but when all the water started leaking after about 10 uses.

  18. Chloedog4,

    I love my new ice tea maker, it’s awesome!!! I like the square pitcher.

  19. Dragonlady47,

    Get quality tea everytime. – This teamaker is really nice, it only requires 5 tea bags to make 3 quarts and it is the same strength everytime. The strength or weakness of the tea can be changed or kept the same each time.

  20. Laura61,

    What was wrong with the original model? – First off, this is my third Mr Coffee Tea Maker. My first two are still working but my son lost the pitcher to the first one at college and the second has a crack and leak.

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Custom brew fresh iced tea easily in one simple touch with the Mr. Coffee® Fresh Tea Iced Tea Maker! Brew strength bar adjusts to brew just they way you like it. Make gourmet, flavor-infused iced teas just like the coffeehouse. Includes 4 recipes.

  • Product Specs:
  • Dimensions: 7" L x 6.85" W x 12.
Product AttributeDetails
Cord Length26"
Watts725W See More...
Dimensions7" L x 6.85" W x 12.71" H
BrandMr. Coffee
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