Frigidaire 24 In. Built-in Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher In Stainless Steel, 60 Dba

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ProductSellerPriceSeller RatingProduct Page
Frigidaire 24 in. Built-In Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher in Stainless Steel, 60 dBA, SilverHomedepot.com$2984 / 5
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Frigidaire 24 in. Built-In Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher in Stainless Steel, 55 dBA, SilverHomedepot.com$2983.9 / 5
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Insignia - 24" Top Control Built-In Dishwasher with Stainless Steel Tub - WhiteBestbuy.com$299.993.1 / 5
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GE Adora Top Control Dishwasher in White with Stainless Steel Tub and Steam Prewash, 48 dBAHomedepot.com$5063.8 / 5
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GE GDT580SMFES 24" Built-In Dishwasher w/ Hidden Controls - Slate, SlateSears.com$799.993.8 / 5
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GE 24 in. Front Control Built-In Tall Tub Dishwasher in Black, 59 dBAHomedepot.com$2984 / 5
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GE 24 in. Front Control Tall Tub Dishwasher in Stainless Steel and Steam Prewash, 50 dBA, SilverHomedepot.com$4484.4 / 5
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GE 24 " Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher - GDT665SSNSS Dishwashers at ABTAbt.com$5444 / 5
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GE - 24" Front Control Tall Tub Built-In Dishwasher - BlackBestbuy.com$379.994.2 / 5
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  1. rose86

    Cleans beautifully! – I got this dishwasher for my new house and love how clean my dishes come out. No water spots!.

  2. Charlean

    Good features, only problem is kinda small basket for cutlery. Originally posted on 24″ Built-In Dishwasher.

  3. Ponyo

    Affordable Dishwasher – Does the Job! – We were looking for an affordable simple dishwasher to replace a broken one. We were surprised to see how expensive dishwashers are! This GE dishwasher was the least expensive model so we ordered.

  4. FruitLoop

    Too small – This was installed by the builder when we bought the house a couple of months ago and we started shopping for a replacement a couple weeks later. It’s not designed well and I have trouble.

  5. Lu227

    I’ve been using this for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues. I don’t even need to rinse the dishes before putting them in the dishwasher, no matter how caked on it is.

  6. Nate

    Good dishwasher – We have probably run ten loads through this now. Results are what you would expect from a new machine and the contents are clean even when not fully rinsed before placing them in the unit.

  7. Debby44

    Horrible – The smallest dishwasher I have ever used. The inside racks hold so few dishes and.glasses don’t stand up in the upper rack they have to lay on their side in order to close the door.

  8. Lunchmeat

    Great features – Nice stuff I love the products makes my life easier.

  9. melvil17

    Wonderful Product – Great price, great look, runs fairly quietly! This dish washer would be perfect if only it were a little larger!.

  10. KarenLynn123

    Best dishwasher I ever owned. The features are terrific.

  11. Pammie6

    Great features – It’s quiet and has a lot of different setting options that I really like.

  12. chelleo

    The dishes and the inside of the dishwasher are wet even after using the heated drying option. Originally posted on 24″ Built-In Dishwasher.

  13. Bmkss

    Great dishwasher – This dishwasher cleans great. It is pretty quiet. I was initially worried because it was very wet after washing. The turbo was does not dry well.

  14. Lynnsworth

    Quiet and clean dishes – I love this dishwasher. I usually wash by hand before placing them in the dishwasher. But this one you have to just scrape and place in and they come out clean.

  15. JaniceT

    Love my new GE Dishwasher – I was never a fan of dishwashers, but I am loving my new GE Dishwasher. It is a major part of the “Kitchen Clean up”!!!.

  16. Vickieam

    Great features! – I utilize it, routinely. Wish it had more slots for bowls.

  17. Kimmy509

    PIECE OF GARBAGE – My original dishwasher’s motor needed replacing. This model is what my home warranty company provided; I didn’t select it. It is properly installed. I’ve had this device for a month +/-.

  18. Denice W

    We like our new dishwasher but it leaves water on the door and on our dishes.

  19. Mesha1432

    Brand new dishwasher and it doesn’t run. I’ve been waiting for a month for the repairperson to come from the warranty team. What a disaster. It has power as the lights come on and that’s it.

  20. Brandon Ray

    Excellent features – Amazing dishwasher, the family only buys GE if possible, family members from my grandfather on up have been employees as well, excellent employer. My Grandfather retired as an engineer here.

  21. Goodness04

    Another nice appliance from GE – I tested my new washer with some glass cups, they came out sparkling clean. I’m loving the dishwasher already.

  22. Merrie K

    Simple, functional, no electronics – Glad to find this old-style basic mechanical model. I do not need any fancy features. This one works well enough for me.

  23. Slwhite

    Good features – Purchased with new home. It’s energy efficient and up to date. I don’t like the way tupperware doesn’t dry, but all else is okay.

  24. bawaji

    great diswasher – QUiet, efficient, washes well, amd the third rack is amazing.

  25. eocjim

    A great buy and performer – I replaced a Frigidaire dishwasher that was about 5 years old with the Bosch. The old machine would not get the dishes clean and left a heavy film on the dishes and flatware.

  26. Marc

    Great Dishwasher! – I dont know what’s all the complaining is about this dishwasher. I first had issues with drying when i fitst bought it, but duh i never added the rinse aide.

  27. wishywashy

    Tricky cleaning, not always good enough and the coated racks, split and rusted. brand new in my a… – Tricky cleaning, not always good enough and the coated racks, split and rusted. brand new in my apartment,2 years old It is quiet, and takes a very long time to wash and dry a full load of.

  28. Daisyg73

    I bought this dishwasher to replace a really old dinosaur that finally went extinct. It is basic and inexpensive. Does wash well and works well. I’m happy right now with this dishwasher.

  29. NY JETS

    many features – used it for the first time. have to try all features to see what works best for us.

  30. Sophie33

    Works well. – This dishwasher came with the home we bought. It works well. Its not the best model, but does the job.

  31. Hunter81

    Works & does what it supposed to do – in the home we have only two people, my wife and I. We use this dishwasher irregularly. It works and does what it’s supposed to do. The final wash is good. We don’t have any soap left over.

  32. Belchavis

    I’m really happy with my dishwasher, it’s great, its quiet and best of all it gets my dishes nice and clean.

  33. Katie63

    Happy At First Wash – Extremely happy with performance of dishwasher. Only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is in my own personal opinion the top rack design is not as well suited for bowls or lids.

  34. Nick

    Quiet and efficient – The dishwasher is quiet and efficient – it does a terrific job so far. The installation instructions, however, left a lot to be desired.

  35. witchykitty26

    I can’t believe how quiet it is! – I am so in love with my LG LDT68099SS dishwasher! It is super quiet and cleans everything perfect, the first wash, and it leaves no spots or residue. I don’t have to wash, or even rinse, my.

  36. Mina22

    Love it! – Great product So quiet and cleans exceptionally well. Don’t even use the dryer option.

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This Frigidaire 24 in. Front Control Dishwasher features a large capacity, tall tub design with 14 place settings, allowing you to wash a large array of dishes at once. The three wash cycle options provide flexibility to select the type of cleaning that best suits your load, so you don't have to waste water and energy when washing smaller loads. Additionally, this quiet dishwasher operates at just 60 dBA and offers a no-heat dry option to help further conserve energy.

3-wash cycles (heavy, light and normal) with two additional options (high heat wash and high heat/no heat dry) ensure your dishes are thoroughly cleaned

  • Ready-Select electronic controls on a slim front panel allow you to easily select options with the touch of a button
  • UltraQuiet sound package (60 dBA) keeps noise to a minimum
  • Large capacity, tall tub design holds up to 14 place settings
  • ENERGY STAR certified to maximize your savings and keep your energy bill low
  • Detergent dispenser and rinse aid dispenser located in an easy-to-access compartment in the door
  • 8 in. upper rack accommodates standard dishware and glasses
  • Attractive Granite Grey plastic interior
  • Flexible 10-5/8 in.
Product AttributeDetails
Depth-door Shut Without Handle In25
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Tub MaterialPlastic Tub
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