Dyson – Pure Hot + Cool Link 400 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier – Blue/iron

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50 reviews for Dyson – Pure Hot + Cool Link 400 Sq. Ft. Air Purifier – Blue/iron

  1. JessM

    I have a 3,000 sqft house that is all wood with a couple of area rugs. I can clean my entire house with this on one charge and the floor head that came with it glides perfectly from my hardwood.

  2. Houstonian28,

    Great Light Weight Vacuum – The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum (214580-01) is a great little vacuum. It is my second bagless vacuum and I am very impressed with the suction and the amount of dirt.

  3. Tandy,

    I should have never left Dyson – We had a Dyson in England. It was amazing. Since it was a 220 plug we had to buy another vacuum when we returned to the states.

  4. Jennifer

    I finally received this today and will be returning it tomorrow. It’s a “Total Clean” which is the E… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  5. Bethie,

    Great suction, hard to push – I am an active, healthy, 45 year old woman. I have mild arthrisits in a shoulder and opposite hand. I find this hard to push on carpet.

  6. JessM

    I have a 3,000 sqft house that is all wood with a couple of area rugs. I can clean my entire house w… Show Full Review This action will open a modal dialog.

  7. Disappointed

    As stated by other reviewers, the Costco “total clean” package lacks the cleaning tools one would expect in a “total clean” package. It has neither the hardwood floor head nor the motorhead.

  8. Denver27,

    a fantastic vacuum cleaner – The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor is a fantastic vacuum cleaner because of its outstanding suction power and maneuverability. Overall, I’d say Dyson is in a class of its own.

  9. Stephanie

    I have been a long time Dyson fan and got one of the original balls. I saw this stick vacuum and decided to get it. We have a dog that sheds A LOT and young kids in the house.

  10. NickiZ,

    Nest vacuum ever – Have owner 5 vacuums in past 10 years. They always clog and lose suction over time. Last $250 had to take the hose apart to unclog after every use.

  11. Jason

    Purchased for cleaning cars. After completly charging multiple times within the first week of owning it, it never lasted more than 10 minutes. Suction power is not great either.

  12. PlymouthMom,

    Returned after day 1 – I bought this brand based on many friends’ reviews. I was excited to give it a try but in the end unhappy with the vacuum.

  13. naungst,

    It’s not light, but I love it! – What a wonderful machine! I have never owned a Dyson, but I have heard a lot about them and was very anxious to see if this one lived up to its name, and it certainly did. Assembly was not.

  14. BrittanyS,

    It has decent suction but it keeps making the grinding noise like its sucking up a sock but theres nothing for it to suck up and it startles me. Its definitely not worth $163.

  15. ksjch,

    Not worth the money! – I was absolutely so extremely excited to receive this Dyson vacuum cleaner! All of my friends and relatives who own any type of the Dyson vacuum cleaners absolutely made me believe that this.

  16. clsmith019,

    The Best Vacuum Cleaner I’ve EVER used!!! – I absolutely LOVE using this vacuum cleaner! We have had the same vacuum cleaner for about 7 years now and we definitely needed a new one. The love the power behind this vacuum cleaner.

  17. reviewsucanuse,

    Dyson Is A Step Above the Rest – The Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum is wonderful. Weighing in at just 14.6 pounds, the lightness allows for easier carrying than many other vacuums on the market.

  18. BriMai,

    Amazing Vacuum Upgrade – Everyone in my family has one of these fancy Dyson vacuums so when I saw this one on sale, I jumped on it. I have an apartment that is roughly 1300 sq ft, a golden retriever, and two cats that.

  19. Avoid

    The Dyson V7 cordless vacuum apparently replaced the Dyson C58. (2 changes were made.longer run time and different way of emptying contents).

  20. Regina01

    This is my second hand held Dyson. I love them both at first, the first lost battery life about 3 months in, it would only hold a charge for about 2 minutes.

  21. Joseph96,

    Good not great – I bough this vacuum a few months ago and was very pleased with it but after a few months there has been a few problems. The dust bin doesnt work that well anymore, part of the reason I bought.

  22. impressedcustomer,

    Great Vacuum – I had a wind tunnel vacuum that went out after about 6 years. After reading the reviews I purchased the Dyson DC33 and it does not disappoint.

  23. Sara

    I had another cordless dyson an earlier model for 3 years then the battery crapped out and dyson wouldn’t cover it because the warranty was only 2 years, so I returned it to Costco and got.

  24. Anonymous

    I’m in love with my vacuum! – I replaced my dyson ball with this new magnificent machine!!! This think is so lightweight and easy to maneuver all over my house, I’m looking for any reason to use it!!! Cleaning the cracks.

  25. Trooper14,

    Great Vacuum!! – We bought this vacuum a week or so ago, and I’m really impressed by how well it works, and how easy it is to move about. Almost makes cleaning fun! 🙂 At the time it seemed like a lot of money.

  26. RockE,

    Great Vacuum so far – So far, I’ve only had a chance to use the vacuum a limited number of times. Here is my pros and cons.

  27. Anna717,

    Nothing but the best! – This vacuum certainly lives up to the Dyson name. It has unbelievable suction! Wonderful cleaning results. The Radial Root Cyclone technology captures dirt , microscopic dust and allergens.

  28. Raymond

    I bought this little vacuum a couple of weeks ago and have used it a number of times. I understand the battery life is reduced when you use it in high power mode, but I never try and use it.

  29. Anonymous

    Fun to Use! – Just fired up this vacuum for the first time tonight and it is amazing! I did one pass in my room and it was filled with dirt and dog fur. I actually enjoy cleaning with this vacuum.

  30. justsomeguy

    Got mine from QVC awhile back and it does a decent job of light work cleaning. However, there are some odd design choices that I just can’t understand.

  31. Airwave13,

    Incredible – Works very very good! Using in the rv and its perfect. So impressed we bought the air purifier.

  32. Disappointed,

    kat – It doesn’t have much power in the upright position. Only has two settings floor and carpet. As a canister it has more power. Just not as good as the Dyson it replaced had the animal.

  33. swissnine

    I am a Dyson gal. I had three Dyson’s when I entered to win a free V7 Trigger and somehow I was selected.

  34. Anonymous

    Continuous improvement – Dyson never cease to impress me. I just received the Dyson V7 Motorhead and been using it for the past 6 days as a replacement for my V6, and here is what I think thus far.

  35. IvyRose,

    Short battery run – I bought this a month ago and am mostly pleased with this vacuum. My only concern is the battery run time.

  36. Whatsername3436,

    I can’t believe Ive gone this long without a Dyson!! – This has changed my life and I don’t mean for that to sound dramatic. But I have two pets and a new home with hard wood.

  37. Robyn

    You’ve probably experienced it as well, buy a vacuum with a cord and deal with the frustration of getting caught around every corner, leg of furniture, you name it; or, be optimistic and buy.

  38. Anonymous

  39. wanderer1

    I was impressed with this vacuum cleaner. The suction was the best I have experienced in a handheld vacuum cleaner.

  40. DrCGW

    The DC 58 works well for my purpose, which is to clean the cars. However, after about 1 year, it started running for a very short time after overnight chargeNow goes for about 30 seconds!.

  41. memynameicallmyself,

    Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright – This review is for the Dyson Light Ball Multi Floor Bagless Upright Vacuum, Model Number 214580-01. It is sold exclusively at Walmart and is one awesome vacuum cleaner.

  42. SamX

    I looked at a number of different hand-held vacuum machines and ultimately decided on the Dyson V7. I’m not easily impressed with most things, but this machine was amazing.

  43. Reaper

    I purchased this V10 by accident at Costco warehouse over a month ago. I misread the label and didn’t realize until at the checkout. I figured we try it and return it if it didn’t suck.

  44. Sweetpeas

    I replaced my Dead Dyson v6 Animal with this. I love it. It’s very powerful. Picks up cat hair and litter around the cat box.

  45. FootballMonkey,

    A VERY powerful and AMAZING machine! – Upon arrival I could not open this product quick enough. I was beyond excited to get this vacuum and it is amazing! Assembly out of the box was very easy and it is designed to cleverly hold.

  46. Deanna101,

    How quick it is to just grab and go, no hassle getting the cord out and changing plug ins throughout the house! Plus the attachments!!! – Best vacuum ever! Period. No cord to hassle with makes cleaning up take so much less time, I don’t have to switch plug ins throughout the house, I don’t have to put the cord away.

  47. ChancetoBuy,

    Amazing Vacuum! – This is an amazing vacuum and at the age of sixty-nine, I have used and owned a lot of upright vacuums. Out of the box, it takes just four ‘clicks’ of parts to assemble and it is ready to go!.

  48. wali,

    Very Happy – This is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had. I’ve been married for 39 years and we have had Hoover, sears and Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners and this Dyson cleans better than any one we have.

  49. Icmcc,

    Does not work on ALL carpet types – Worked fine on hardfloor but does not work on short carpet. The suction seems too much and it stops the brush bar rotating making a terrible noise as the clutch slips.

  50. Cheseni

    PROS: Powerful, especially compared to another cordless stick vacuum I have. Easy setup. Easy to empty bin. Battery life indicator. Easy to charge. Has low, medium and high suction switch.

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Everyone in my family has one of these fancy Dyson vacuums so when I saw this one on sale, I jumped on it. I have an apartment that is roughly 1300 sq ft, a golden retriever, and two cats that shed like crazy. My old vacuums couldn't even begin to help me get some of the hair out of my apartment. This vacuum, however, was able to get into all the nooks and crannies and was able to remove so much hair on the first use. It does a really great job and getting hair out of my carpet in the bedrooms, and the attachments are great for getting it out of the couch and counters. I love vacuuming now! I will never go back to a corded vacuum. I will say that if you have a larger place, like a house or condo, I would recommend getting one of the newer vacuums (like the V10 or V11), because the battery life is pretty short and those have longer ones. Overall, I would definitely buy this vacuum again and I recommend it to everyone I know.

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