Dw60h6050fs 24″ Free Standing Dish Washer, 14 Sets, Silver Colour – Samsung

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26 reviews for Dw60h6050fs 24″ Free Standing Dish Washer, 14 Sets, Silver Colour – Samsung

  1. Anonymous

    Nice Surprise, as Mr. Burns would say – OK My partner got this with fly buy points and after I read the bad reviews was expecting a possible Lemon. First, the unit was packed very well and it was easy to install but there were many.

  2. Anonymous

    Worst dishwasher – We are in a similar situation to Bron. Bought a new house and moved in late August 2018. This is the date indicated below. The date of manufacture is June 2015 on the label inside the door.

  3. Anonymous

    worst dishwasher ever – not even 2 years old and having so many issues. for the past 6 months its been making our dishes dirtier than what the were to start with! exactly the same as all the bad reviews below! the.

  4. Frustrated

    This dishwasher is so bad that dishes must be completely cleaned before being put in to wash. Mugs come out after a cycle with all sorts of food bits baked on.

  5. Anonymous

    Worst dishwasher I have ever come across – I can’t understand how the dishes come back filthier than when they went in! Glasses are so murky and spotted, dishes are covered with baked on food particles! Would not recommend.

  6. Anonymous

    This is a disaster! – We moved into this house 6 months ago to a three year old renovated kitchen. We have a Samsung dishwasher and oven. The oven is a amazing..

  7. Washer Boy

    We have one of these. It looks great on paper, but it doesn’t clean our dishes. We have to pretty much wash them by hand before we put them in.

  8. Chris123

    Not a good dishwasher at all. Have had this dishwasher a few years constantly wiping leftover food off of plates, and yes I clean it out regularly.

  9. Anonymous

    Great – Good choice on buying this samsung model. The dishes comes out clean. I used the 35 minutes function and all stains were cleaned. Glasses sparkling after every wash.

  10. Anonymous

    Worths every penny! – We bought this dishwasher for our new home last year. There is a good range of programmes to choose from and the dishes always come out clean.

  11. Anonymous

    Oh god where to start – Dishwasher worked well to begin with. after a year or so dishes came out dirty, the door was dirty..

  12. Anonymous

    Dreadful. – We bought this dishwasher brand new only 3 years ago. It worked reasonably well until 3 weeks ago when it just stopped dead.

  13. Anonymous

    Had this for about 2 years now and to be honest, it’s only saving grace is that it has a child lock. Dishes come out dirty, the sprayers are impossible to clean, the filter doesn’t stop anything.

  14. Anonymous

    Unreliable – Dishwasher did a good job of cleaning but I hated stacking the cutlery tray. We have had it a little over 4 years and it has developed a leak on xmas eave would you believe.

  15. Anonymous

    dead after 5 years – worked well, reasonable noise. however, dead only after 5 years. technician came a couple of times to fix things, service is good. normally a dishwasher should work for about 10 years.

  16. Snezana

    Not happy at all with this samsung dishwasher dishes are coming very durty and wet all appliances in my house are sumsung and I’m very happy with exept the dishwasher that i need the most.

  17. Anonymous

    This is the best dish washer – This dishwasher cleans your dishes to perfection then it dry’s them perfectly. This is a quiet machine that allows you to continue on with your evening, no loud noises.

  18. Anonymous

    Perfect if you can’t afford one but really need one – When stacked properly cleans beautifully and dries well is very quiet I sometimes forget its on this washer lets you do practically any style of washing required oh and I love the child lock.

  19. Anonymous

    Worst appliance I have ever purchased – I have tried every cycle, I pre rinse in the sink, bought and tried every tablet and not once has this machine ever cleaned all my dishes. Usually about half of the dishes are dirty.

  20. Anonymous

    Good clean effective. – Great looking, sleek finish, effective dishwasher. Cutlery tray at the top which means the cutlery must be clean or your glass wear underneath on the next shelf will be marked and left dirty.

  21. Anonymous

    Awesome dishwasher – The best of the cheaper option dishwashers out there. Quiet, lots of programs, spacious and cheap to run.

  22. Anonymous

    Terrible..Terrible..Terrible – Terrible Terrible Terrible!! Wish i could have give 0 rating. We bought this dishwasher brand new and plumber installed it and on the first wash it self it stop working.

  23. Anonymous

    Not Emptying and Leaking Water – Purchased this dishwasher in December 2015 based on the reputable brand name of Samsung. Could have gone with a cheaper generic brand but decided with Samsung.

  24. Btflkaos

    Worst dishwasher I have ever come across, cutlery tray is terrible, fiddling and time consuming! Dishes never clean glasses always worse after than before. Do not buy ✘ No, I do not recommend.

  25. Anonymous

    Makes dishwashing easy! – A decent size to place a fair amount of dishes and pots on the bottom rack and smaller dishes and cups on top tray. Quick wash function is a good feature and dishes feel and look clean.

  26. Anonymous

    Clean dishes everytime – This dishwasher cleans my dishes spotlessly everytime, has several programs to choose from and is very quiet to run. It has lots of interior space for the family dishes and pots and everything.

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Flex Half Load, The Half load option allows you to wash only lower rack, a convenience that saves you time and energy. Hygiene option, provides outstandingly sanitary cleaning to minimise germs and bacteria Cutlery tray.

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