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Product Information

57 reviews for Delonghi Magnifica Auto Espresso Machine

  1. Jon

    Great machine, grounds in chamber (infuser replacement) – I thought I would add a review because I tried to google my problem and found no answer.I will start and say that I love this machine.

  2. Clbr,

    Yummmmm – My girls go to the specialty coffee shops ALL the time. Hopefully with this machine, they will stop.

  3. Floater

    Didn’t realize what I was missing. – The coffee is hot and full of flavor. I use the spent coffee pucks to fertilize my roses and azaleas.

  4. Steve

    Delonghi delight – Our second Delonghi. It performs as advertised and brews excellent coffee.

  5. JW19,

    Amazing – This machine is amazing. It comes with so many features that you can have have coffee, or expresso, any way you could possibly want it.

  6. Mark

    Best tasting coffee- great machine – This is clearly the best tasting coffee/espresso maker out there. And this model has everything we need.

  7. CoffeeinBandon

    7 Years and going strong – Cleaned it about 8 times in all these years. No issues at all except descaling had me stumped. Finally got it down.

  8. Tricia in AZ

    So far, so good – I’ve had a Saeco (it lasted and I loved it for 8 years!) and a DeLonghi manual (a plastic internal piece broke and the repair was the cost of a new one), but decided for groups of 4 or more.

  9. Samswee

    So good, we own 3 of them and gave 1 as a gift. – Easy to use, easy to clean and makes delicious perfectly brewed expresso. The adjustments make it possible to adjust coffee for each individual’s taste.

  10. anewlife4us

    Best Espresso Ever – I have had many machines through the years – but none have ever compared to this, and this one does most all the work for you – including letting you know when it needs water, when the grounds.

  11. Markus

    Love it! – I’ve had this machine for 7 years and only needed service once-minor issue. Love it!.

  12. Birdlegs2,

    I’m never going back … – I’m never going back to another coffee shop, to my 8 cup machine or to my pod machine. This espresso/cappuccino/miracle maker is incredible!!! Now let me start off with how daunting this machine.

  13. Balrock

    Overall pleased with purchase – I have had this machine for about 2 years. I gave it 4 stars for quality as I had to send it in once for repair. Delonghi paid for freight both ways so I was pleased with that.

  14. Annie P,

    Perfect coffee everytime – I couldn’t imagine my life without coffee and this Espresso Machine is a life saver. It is quick and easy to use and make a perfect cup of coffee every time.

  15. Ken & Mary

    Very Satisfied, Great Machine, geat coffee and affordable price – Have had the Magnifica for about a year now. It replaced a Jura Capresa which we had for about 8 years. The MAgnifica is a much better machine, easier to use and easier to clean.

  16. Ben

    Better than the Saeco – My Saeco was leaking and was not functioning properly. It was also making more noise that the Delonghi.

  17. Paul

    wonderful coffee – I have to be astounded to give anything 5 stars. Overall makes terrific expresso and lattes after some tweaking of the settings to suit my tastes.

  18. joyce

    Great and Low priced – I love this superautomaticit’s my best friendI would buy anaother Pros: Great Taste, Easy To Clean, Easy To Use Cons: Grinder noisy no big dea, Noisy.

  19. Shirazed

    So far it exceeds expectations – Purchased to replace a Saeco super automatic that lasted at least 8 years (when everyone else’s seem to last about 2). This machine is quieter than I expected.

  20. Cece23,

    So awesome – DeLonghi Magnifica XA Fully Automatic Espresso and Cappuccino Machine is an amazing machine! The instructions make this machine super easy to learn how to operate! It was very easy to set up!.

  21. Manami

    Needed to be sent to a repair center twice – I got this in September 2013 as a gift for my boyfriend. It worked great for 2 months. It started to turn itself on and off. We had to ship it to a repair center. After 1 month, it came back.

  22. Janie

    Coffee maker – The Delonghi super automatic espresso maker is wonderful. It’s so easy to use & clean. I prefer my home coffee now more than Starbucks.

  23. old guy

    2 nd one and happy – Our first lasted until a stone in the coffee beans hurt the finger that helps the beans into the burr grinder. Parts not available so we got a temp fix that lasted a couple years.

  24. Jakester

    Finally, a reliable super auto – Ok, here’s my story and we will see if review stands. First, I started my love for Super Autos with the Saeco Italia. Read the reviews. Like an Italian sports car when it worked it was great.

  25. DJ in Colorado

    Love It! – I use this everyday, it is easy to use, tastes great and I am very happy with it. I would recommend it to anyone. One thing, don’t buy beans from [], they are too oily.

  26. salila

    great machine – Fantastic machine; only downside is that it is a bit noisy. Not ideal to make a lot at one time as isn’t super fast.

  27. mum+2

    best buy! – I bought this machine with doubts at the beginning, “do I really need this pricey metal for a cup of coffee?” After using it a couple times, I’m completely satified with it and highly recommand.

  28. Axman

    Great machine, great price – I sent in my Saeco Incanto Deluxe for repair and SCG called and said it would cost me as much to repair as a new machine. I started looking at another Saeco and talked to SCG about the differences.

  29. Frank

    A fine coffee maker! – We like this machine. It does what it says it willmakes a good cup of coffee every time. It’s easy to clean and maintain, and so far, after a month of use, we’re quite pleased with it.

  30. jim

    great machine – My first espresso maker so I’m a newbie. However I like gadgets. This is a great machine. Just got back from Italy and this provides similar quality espresso and cappuccino.

  31. REDEVL

    Love my Magnifica – I’ve had my Magnifica for over 2 years and still love it. I work from home and no longer drive for coffee shop brews.

  32. Carol

    So far so good – This is my first super automatic, and one I’ve been wanting for some time. I’ve only had it for a month but LOVE it thus far.

  33. Tom

    Simply Awesome – Forget space capsules, flying cars and personal robots – this machine is the height of human achievement.

  34. Mogele

    awesome! – couldn’t be any happier with this machine. My sister in Germany got me hooked on one. She has had one for years. Now I have one too.

  35. USKoala

    EAM3200 – The machine was handed down to me by may Daughter. It started its life about nine years ago in a motor home, California to Mexico to Belize and back for 5 years.

  36. dvbell

    Great Machine saves time and money – I purchased this machine to replace one that I had bought at another retailer several years ago. Compared to the manual one I had it is much quieter than my previous machine.

  37. BKH

    Excellent – This is my first expresso machine. Have been using a Keurig for years.

  38. Dave G

    Excellent Super Automatic – I’ve used a DeLonghi Magnifica ESAM3300 for 6 years during which time it has been used to make 4 double cappuccinos every morning and usually a couple of espressos every evening. It is fast.

  39. beechfiveeight

    work horse – My boss bought the magnifica for our work place about 3-4 years ago. I’m the coffee-snob in the office, so I take care of the machine. I do the decalicification whenever it calls for it.

  40. Margit

    fantastic – Love this machine!.

  41. CoffeLuvr

    top notch in all areas – First of all, Seattle Coffee gear beat EVERYONE in price – including Amazon and that’s amazing. In addition the unit came with a free extra year warranty from Seattle Coffee Gear – also a major.

  42. Vyperclaw

    I love it – I bought this about two months ago and I could not be happier. Many complain about the noise, buy my Mom’s Jura is even louder.

  43. Tcart,

    Hands down the best – Everything about this machine is wonderful, the initial set up was a little bit hard, but manageable. I love how it grinds up the fresh beans and makes the best tasteing cup of coffee.

  44. CJM2,

    Very Easy to Use – I was so excited to start using this. I have not been drinking coffee as much because the coffee from my normal machine just hasn’t been doing it for me.

  45. RJ

    4 year anniversary – Had this for about 4 years now. Using it multiple times daily with Starbucks espresso roast. (Use oily beans at your own risk). Probably saved $2000/year not using capsule based system.

  46. Greg C

    Can’t find them anymore – I’ve owned two of these. I loved them both. They are hard to find these days, so I’ve switched brands, but this was my favorite. The grinder was loud, but the machine was so easy to service.

  47. Mean Bean

    happy so far – compared to my previous machine which became unusable after a year this one seems like it will be more reliable. the self cleaning with each shut -off should help keep the insides happy and.

  48. Curt

    Quieter than same model previously owned – This is my second Magnificathe first one lasted for several years and two cross-country moves, but finally shorted the heater. I ordered the exact same model again because I was so happy.

  49. Jay

    excellent machine; makes great coffee and espresso, easy to use – The best value for the money.

  50. Elizabeth C

    My Starbucks barista misses me… – After much review and comparing models, my husband bought this for me for Christmas last year. I have been using it every day and absolutely love it. Simple to use and great coffee.

  51. LDO6295

    Rock Solid – I ordered the Magnifica after a lot of research. This is our first superautomatic. The video review by the Seattle Coffee Gear staff clinched the deal. This thing gets A LOT of use at our house.

  52. Jennie in Spokane

    Magnificent – Received my Magnifico in two days- It came out of the package and was easy to prime and use. The coffee is fantastic out of it and the steam wand works wonderfully.

  53. Jenna1,

    Makes great espresso – I finally tried it out and loved the taste of the espresso I have never tried espresso before have always just had coffee. I drink espresso more now.

  54. smorse1835,

    I’m in love!! – If I could image the perfect cappuccino/ espresso machine, this would be it. It was so easy to set up from delivery to my counter top with the help of two instruction manuals, a DVD and a 800.

  55. Yvonne

    A Great Machine for the Price – I purchased this machine about 2 years ago. I wore out my previous espresso machine (a semi-automatic that had stress fractures on the coffee grind compactor – I had to apply manual pressure.

  56. Sal

    agree w/ best of the reviews – finally broke down after my last visit to Italy and grabbed this super automatic – set at full strength /smaller grind setting / less water setting – I can not tell the difference from Italy.

  57. kurdapya,

    functions as great as it looks – This is my first time owning this type of machine and I was intimidated because I am not a barista but I drink coffee a lot. I read the user manual and watched online video tutorials before.

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Be your own barista with the Magnifica XS by De'Longhi. This compact automatic espresso machine includes all of the features of our full-size machines, but in a smaller, more convenient size. You and your guests can enjoy delicious cappuccinos and lattes anytime. It's never been easier to create authentic Italian drinks with our patented cappuccino system frother. Simply place a container with milk under the nozzle to create a rich, creamy froth. The Magnifica XS does all the work for you! It not only makes incredible espresso drinks, but also saves you money while doing it, with the energy-saving single boiler system. For the freshest results, the patented direct-to-brew system grinds beans instantly before brewing. Other highlights include convenient water filtration and a cup warmer.

  • Built-in burr grinder grinds beans on the spot to ensure the freshest espresso, coffee, cappuccino or latte possible.
  • Convenient double boiler reduces the wait time between espresso and steam
  • Patented cappuccino system produces a rich, creamy f.
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