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Product Information

22 reviews for Classic C1 Powerline – Sbaf3 – Miele

  1. Jason Roberts

    Miele Compact C1 – If you need a quality canister, powerful, easy to store, beautifully built and with all the functionality, choose one of the 3 models from the C1 Compact line from Miele. You won’t be disappointed.

  2. Anonymous

    Excellent cleaner – I have mainly hard flooring with three good size rugs. This cleaner has an excellent tool for hard floors which is gentle to the floor and is quite wide.

  3. Anonymous

    This is the best vacuum cleaner ever – I got this model except it was graphite grey colour and it works very well. It has very good suction which means it deep cleans my carpets.

  4. Anonymous

    S5211 The Best Vacuum Ever – I Have Miele S5211 for 10 years now, Always do vacuuming 3 time a week and I swear its the BEST and never lost suction until now and never have a problem at all. Recently the floorhead is bit.

  5. Anonymous

    Very hygienic and I would highly recommend it – I am happy with his vacuum that I have purchased a couple of months ago from Bing Lee Online. It is very powerful and reliable, has many attachments that are used for cleaning different surfaces.

  6. Anonymous

    Great vacuum – I am very happy so far with my Miele vacuum. Great for small apartments. Quieter than other cleaners. Very Compact, I store mine under my bed. Light to carry & it manoeuvres around very smoothly.

  7. Anonymous

    Perfect vacuum cleaner – I love this this vaccum as it’s one of the smaller ones .The suction is very good and has lots of power.Some times I have to open vent up because of this.i like the bags.

  8. Anonymous

  9. Anonymous

    Miele all the way. – I have bought Miele for over 30years, nothing compares too Miele for the price. I have used mine everyday and I have pets greats Danes and cats all indoor pets and my Miele C1 has no trouble.

  10. Anonymous

    Great vacuum cleaner – Great product. Strong power to take away all dust. Works well on carpet. Although the sound is a bit too loud but this is probably compulsory if you prefer a powerful vacuum cleaner.

  11. Anonymous

    5 years on and only gave up on me now – Have had this for over 5 years now, only the other day the handle broke, obviously just wear and tear.Have always loved it, I got the cheapest of the Miele range at the time as I was a newlywed.

  12. Anonymous

    Love it – I’ve only had this for a month, but I love it. Suction is fantastic – so much so, that I have to decrease the suction on it when vacuuming my rugs, because it actually lifts my rug off the.

  13. Anonymous

    Little German Wonder – Highly recommended by Mrs S. who looks after my floors! I have waited for three months to review item to get a good performance picture and am very pleased.

  14. Anonymous

    I’ll never go back to bagless – After following the bagless trend for many years I finally got sick of fighting with overheating and cleaning filters every 5 seconds. I spent dyas searching for what would be the perfect,.

  15. Anonymous

    Not Great. – Suction is ok. Vacuum head gets tangled every time I use it. Spits anything but dust back out behind the head and across the floor, where you have already vacuumed (such as Fairy Bread Sprinkles).

  16. Anonymous

    Miele Great Quality but s5211 is so much better – As usual this Miele Vacuum is great – quality, high suction and nice and neat package. It is however a very basic model.

  17. Anonymous

    Fantastic basic vacume – I recently bought this vacuum to replace my terrible Bosch relax vacuum with little suction. This vacuum is leaps and bounds ahead. Amazing suction and so light and easy to maneuver.

  18. Anonymous

    Very good – We purchased it from harvey norman last year . The suction and performance is so good nit too heavy and quite it is easy to maneuver . I have a big thick carpet .

  19. Anonymous

    Wow! This machine is insane! – I have a Dyson stick vacuum also but I wanted a “regular” vacuum for when my Dyson runs out of battery (which happens more often than not). I have used a clients Miele vacuum at her house,.

  20. Anonymous

    You will love it – This vacuum cleaner is so amazing. so robust and powerful. all the functions and the build, don’t mention the quality build. everything works so well. I can’t say enough compliments.

  21. Anonymous

    Absolutely love it! Much better than my Dyson – Great suctionslides around floor amazing! I have mostly tiles and shaggy rugs and it is fabulous. Picks up my fur babies hairs great too! Very happy as this is my 1st Miele.

  22. Anonymous

    Good Vacuum cleaner – I have been using Miele vacuum cleaner for year now . For $200 something this was value for money. There are cheaper ones available but my last one broke in a year’s time.

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  • Maximum suction power – 800 W
  • Versatile applications – universal floorhead
  • Particularly lightweight – 5.8 kg with vacuuming accessories
  • Effortless vacuuming of large areas with a 9 m operating radius.
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