Arl•gorgeous One-br Apt (+washing/dryer)•west Lake – Natasha Preston

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The Cellar written by Natasha Preston is about a girl name Summer who is 16, but is kidnapped by murderer, known as Clover. Everyday in the cellar she stays with Rose, Poppy, Violet, and takes the name Lily from her kidnapper. The same routine, Get up, shower, eat as a 'family', clean, and shower again. Any mess up can result in death like Violet, or the Lily before her. Every moment her boyfriend, Lewis, looks for her refusing to give up. One day, she prays to be found, to be free from this psychological torture. As a second violet came, Lily and her planned their escape but Violet tried to soon resulting in a broken rib. However once the investigation led them to him he tried to kill all the them,they were saved but Violet and Rose died in the hospital, while Clover went to prison. Poppy, Rebekah, began dating Summer's brother Henry. However both Rebekah and Summer know that he is a really good faker and once he gets out he's going to want his family back I love this book and is one of the best book I ever read. First written on Wattpad, a public site to share stories, it began to get many votes and was later publish by her. Suspense builds up in every chapter making you bite your nails to find out if she makes it. Lewis' loyalty in finding her is beautiful and amazing. Rose and Poppy's actions make the story build up on excitement and makes it seem like they have been 'brainwashed'. The fact that Clover hasn't been caught with his murders, make you feel like that maybe they won't make it. This had me up for hours trying to find out what was going to happen in the next chapter.

  • Located right opposite to the Lake, you can live among a fully-green space and relax yourself.
  • The apartment is decorated as a symphony of modern architecture and natural beauty, which can give you the most memorable time to live here.
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Book FormatPaperback
Number Of Pages347
Assembled Product Dimensions L X W X H8.17 x 5.61 x 0.97 Inches
AuthorNatasha Preston
Original LanguagesEnglish
BrandNatasha Preston
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